Why do I find chemistry and physics

Faculty of Chemistry and Physics (Faculty 2)

Research for the future: chemistry, physics and life sciences

Our faculty deals with basic research and the application of these results to find answers to the pressing questions of the future. We are working on the development of new materials, on future energy storage systems, on processes for a clean environment or on the safeguarding and efficient use of resources. Find out more about the diverse research projects in our faculty.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Physics is proud of a 250-year history with outstanding scientific achievements such as the discovery of two elements of the periodic table (indium in 1863 by Ferdinand Reich and Theodor Richter and germanium in 1886 by Clemens Winkler).


Current information on teaching in the summer semester 2021

Our courses in chemistry (diploma as well as bachelor / master) and applied natural science (bachelor / master) provide you with well-founded and practical training that promises a successful start in professional life.

Here in Freiberg you will find your very own degree:

  • personal support from professors and assistants,
  • flexible course of study,
  • small groups and project teams,
  • modern laboratories for internships,
  • relevant preliminary courses,
  • Campus university in a stress-free city,
  • Living on campus or in the historic old town.

You can only obtain a degree in chemistry in Freiberg. We are convinced that our study concept will best prepare you for the later tasks in your job.