What are the important tips for public speaking

Speaking in public with a trembling voice? These 2 tips are guaranteed to help!

By Andrea Reichhart, coaching

Our voice is the mirror of our soul. In addition to our facial expressions and body language, our voice quickly reveals how we really feel. And who is not tense before his public appearance? Be it a speech, a presentation, a lecture - even a brief introduction to new colleagues can make us tremble inside and we think "Hopefully this moment will be over soon!"

One thing is clear: practice makes perfect. And the more I speak in front of other people, the more relaxed I deal with the situation.

But since the people, the rooms and topics often change here too, a good portion of tummy tickling is a must.

Today I would like to give you 2 valuable tips on what you can specifically do to relieve your tension before your public appearance and to speak with a strong voice. Whether you have your first speech ahead of you or already have a lot of experience: these tips are guaranteed to help you, are easy to learn and easy to implement.

Tip 1: Let your feet grow into the ground

If we are very tense and restless before our performance, we are more in our head than in our body. We go through our text, think of all kinds of things and quickly arrest various fears, such as: "I hope everyone will listen to me ...... I hope I won't forget my text ...... I would have better put on the other shoes ..." and so on.

You can even do this simple exercise among other people so that nobody notices. She brings them right back into your body and grounds them:

Breathe in and out with concentration. Feel your feet. Feel the ground under your feet.

Now imagine yourself growing together with the ground. You can use the idea of ​​white or colored light - e.g. your favorite color - or of roots that you gently connect to the earth. Try it. Your intuition will give you the appropriate picture. Grow together with the earth and feel how it carries you. Loving, strong and always by your side. Stick to this image for a few breaths and let yourself be grounded.

This exercise gives you peace of mind and confidence in yourself. Take this energy with you to your podium.

Tip 2: use your breath

To keep your voice steady and firm and to prevent nervous fluttering, do the following exercise a few times before stepping in front of people:

Put your hand on your stomach. Breathe out. Take a deep breath - towards your stomach. Just try to get your breath as deep as possible and take your time breathing.

Breathe out slowly and especially audibly through your mouth. Make sure that your breath is flowing calmly and steadily. This effect occurs after a few breaths.

  • Just let your breath go. In and out. Very lightly and calmly, then your breath will automatically become deeper.
  • Now imagine that you have a balloon in your stomach. You want to blow it up.
  • Take a deep breath. Now let the air flow out again slowly and in a controlled manner. Make sure you can hear your breath.

With this breathing exercise you can quickly bring stability to your breathing flow and thus to your voice: because your breath carries your tone and is the basis for a full-sounding and expressive voice.

If you do this exercise a few times before your public appearance, you will have better control over your voice, less nervousness in your sound, and appear more confident and stronger.

By the way: you can of course also use this exercise to make phone calls more convincingly. Because the sound of your voice has an enormous influence on your listeners and conversation partners.

If you would like to find out what the sound of your voice can do for you and your business, then I have “The secret of a great speaking voice” for you. Here, in a few minutes, I'll explain the benefits of a great-sounding voice and give you a simple exercise that will make your communication irresistibly good:

Try the exercises and you will see and feel how beneficial and helpful they are.

Now I wish you every success with your next public appearance!