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AWS IQ Expert Frequently Asked Questions

As a person with AWS Certification experience, why should I attend AWS IQ?

AWS IQ is a great way to monetize your AWS skills by providing active assistance to customers. AWS IQ helps you find customers who value your expertise. You decide when and where you want to work. AWS IQ allows you to stay smart and practiced in AWS technology.

Can anyone participate in AWS IQ as an Expert?

To participate in AWS IQ as an Expert, you must have an Associate, Professional, or Specialty AWS certification, be over 18, live in the United States, work for a US company, or have a US bank account, and have a tax identification number (TIN). If you're not yet AWS Certified, it's quick and easy to schedule an AWS Certification exam at one of the many exam centers in the United States. Please visit http://aws.amazon.com/certification for more information.

How do I register?

Individuals with an AWS certification can register today by creating an AWS IQ profile at https://iq.aws.amazon.com/work. An AWS IQ profile includes a photo, evidence of AWS certifications, and a resume, which can contain links to online public profiles or references from AWS customers. Experts are activated on a first-come-first-served basis. To access customer inquiries, you or your company must complete seller registration by completing an online tax interview wizard. You will need to provide US bank account details so that we can pay you or your company.

Can AWS partners participate in AWS IQ?

Yes, if you are an APN partner with an AWS certification and meet the other eligibility criteria, you can participate as a customer or an expert and are encouraged to sign up and create your profile with AWS certifications and experience.

How do I find my first customer?

To find your first customer, simply log into AWS IQ, review available customer queries, and respond to the customer queries that match their interests, skills, and experience. You can chat with customers to clarify their needs and share your thoughts on how you can help. When you're ready, you can share a project proposal that covers the scope of the work you're doing on behalf of the client. As soon as the customer accepts your offer, you have found your first customer.

Do I have to specialize in certain technical areas in order to participate?

Specialization is not required. Many customers seek help from architects, developers or system administrators with generalist solutions, while other customer inquiries require specific skills and knowledge. Ultimately, it is up to you to select the requests that you feel qualified for. Please note that by responding to requests that you are well suited to, you will get a better chance of being successful. It also improves your ability to attract work in the future.

How can I prove my skills and experience to customers?

When you finish the work for the clients, the clients have an opportunity to provide feedback on whether the project was successful or not. In addition, your AWS certifications will be prominently displayed on your profile. You should also leave detailed information about yourself in the “Work Experience” section, including links to your portfolio of experts, e.g. B. your GitHub profile.

What if my customer is dissatisfied?

In case you are unable to meet your client's expectations, you can make changes to your work, offer a discount or a refund.

What if I believe a customer left inappropriate feedback or ratings?

We understand that your reputation is important to you. If you believe a customer has left inappropriate feedback or ratings, please contact AWS Support.

How are the prices set?

You set the price for your services and a fixed offer price when you submit an offer to a customer.

What are the costs for using AWS IQ?

AWS charges a 15% fee for the approved payment requests. Learn more and explore examples on the pricing page.

How do I get paid?

The customer's AWS bill will be charged. AWS Marketplace pays to your bank account or your company's bank account.

Do I have to collect and collect taxes on the services I provide to AWS customers?

You are the provider and seller of the service sold to customers, which means that you are ultimately responsible for all applicable taxes on fees earned, except in jurisdictions where AWS, as the AWS Marketplace operator, is legally required to levy taxes. When you set up your AWS IQ account, you can use the Amazon Tax Collection Service (TCS) for US tax. Please visit https://aws.amazon.com/tax-help/marketplace/ for more information.

How does the tax return work?

If your earnings exceed the threshold set by the IRS, you will receive a 1099 report from Amazon.

Can Amazon or AWS employees participate in AWS IQ?

No, Amazon and AWS employees are not allowed to register as experts with AWS IQ.