Why is life so small

Small but nice - life under 1.60 m from a completely different perspective

"Dwarf", "tiny", "hobbit" or my favorite "vertically disadvantaged". Which I wasn't allowed to listen to with my 1.57 m. "Do you get a stiff neck from looking up?" Or "Is the air different down there?" Haha! I've never heard that before! So for all PLANBAR readers under 1.60 m (and those above who are interested), here is our point of view.

Limits in career choice

Police, armed forces, fire brigade, pilots, models are all professions that require a minimum size. Some childhood dreams are already bursting. There have been exceptions when an applicant was able to prove that his size did not represent any impairment or that he had only complained long enough. Unfortunately, you usually get a rejection.

We little people have so many advantages over big ones!

Detective properties

Hiding is probably my easiest exercise. Cupboards, suitcases, bed boxes - where I haven't already fit in everywhere. In addition, as a small person I have had the experience that I can weave my way through the crowds much better than my big friends. When I squeeze past a few people at the city festival or a party, they often don't even notice. As a detectives or as a ninja, I would be unbeatable.

Nevertheless, caution is advised. If you are at eye level with the elbow of normal-sized people at celebrations, you should have good reflexes in order to be able to avoid them in good time. Which brings me to the next point.

Small people are often quicker

Maybe it's because we carry less body mass with us, but I know a lot of smaller people who are better at dodging than bigger ones. We are also a smaller target than tall people. Granted, this is a trait not needed in quite as many professions, unless you become a dodgeball pro or a professional ball-dodging clown at the fair.

Travel more comfortably

Do you know those bus rides or flights where your legs get crushed and you just wait to finally be able to stretch them out again? Not me. To be honest, I never understood the problems other people have with it. In professions in which you travel a lot, such as archaeologist (m / f / d), journalist (m / f / d) or tourism clerk (m / f / d), we have an advantage that should not be despised. We arrive much more relaxed after the trip.

A little woman's guns

Male colleagues in particular can be quickly wrapped around your finger with the cuteness factor. The protective instincts sound the alarm if you have a request or need help. However, you shouldn't blink your eyelashes too often, especially in everyday working life. That can quickly lead to a very unpleasant reputation. Well, and once you have one, you won't get rid of it anytime soon. Then it is better to be considered a fighting dachshund with less than 1.60 m instead of a slime.

Verbal Defense

My friend likes to compare me to an excited little terrier. But be careful! We can be just as snappy if we are provoked. Except that we - with a few exceptions every now and then - don't really bite, but counter with snappy answers. Small people in particular know early on that they are usually physically inferior to others and learn to verbally fight their struggles for it.

Ever heard of the Napoleon Complex? It describes a syndrome described by Alfred Adler that smaller men try to compensate for their size with visible success. Nowadays, however, it is more used when a shorter man stands out, gets upset about others and puts them down socially in order to appear taller himself. Not very attractive traits, neither in men nor women. The ambition and determination that stand behind it are also desirable, especially in your job or training. So just prove your size and climb the corporate ladder with your head instead of your elbows.

Great attention from small people

And when we get away from the topic of jobs. Little people's love life also has many advantages. Little women awaken this protective instinct not only at work for men. If we want, we won't be overlooked anymore. Another advantage is that we can always wear high heels without our partner having to worry that we are taller than him. Because, let's be honest, most men don't like being shorter than their wives. And there we have them again. The darn evolution that's still hanging on our bones. Even if often completely unconsciously, we women prefer men who are taller than us. Little men usually put a lot more effort into courting their partner in the traditional way and are also more loyal and attentive in the relationship. All the efforts to convince a taller woman shouldn't have been in vain.


Even if we cannot realize every dream job, when we are asked how old we are when we buy alcohol or tobacco and we get a lollipop instead of an ouzo at a Greek restaurant, there are some advantages to being small. And if we can't get to the top shelf, we pick up a chair or buy something else. We little people find our way - we are also closer to it.