How do Facebook teams sync

Synchronize the device contacts

In Teams Home, you can sync contacts from your mobile device to make it easier to find friends and family. After you've synced, your contacts will also be searchable on Teams desktop and the web.

Note: This feature is currently available in Teams for iOS and Android.

  1. Tap on your profile picture or on More information icon.

  2. Tap Settings, then tap people.

  3. switch Sync my device contacts to a.

    Note: When Access to Contacts it is recommended to allowjust follow the instructions on your device.

  4. Your contacts can start new chats and calls after syncing.

If you'd like to turn off syncing your contacts, you can "My device contacts Sync "at any time. This will also remove these contacts from the Teams desktop app and on the web.

How can I manage my synced contacts?

Where will my device contacts be in Teams after syncing?

  • You can search for your contacts in the Teams app on all of your devices.

  • There is a folder on named after your mobile device. The folder enables your contacts to use the Teams on other devices that are logged into their computers. You can find them in the section People in your mailbox under My Contacts andthen under Folder.

Can I delete or change my device contacts on

The contacts that can be searched in Teams are a direct reflection of the contacts in the address book of your smartphone. Any contacts that you delete or that you make in the device's Contacts folder on won't be in Teams. You can delete these contacts by clicking "Sync my device contacts" deactivate. Your synced contacts will be removed from, but will remain in your device's address book.

Learn more about exporting and deleting your Teams contacts.

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