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Austria's answer to Yelp start-up WOGO launches gastro app

The app from the WOGO gastro platform is now available for download free of charge. Users in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovenia can easily find the ideal selection - whether in the smallest village or in the big city. There are currently over 300,000 restaurants available. Restaurateurs have the opportunity to put their menus online and thus present them to a broad target group - WOGO is the largest platform in Europe with this function right from the start.
Further community features and ratings help to find new favorite restaurants. Search results can be arranged according to personal preferences and also show the quickest route to your favorite restaurant.

Free download in the AppStore:

"No matter whether in the smallest village or in the big city - with the brand new WOGO app, users can easily find restaurants, cafés, pubs or clubs to their liking," explains Markus Wadl, founder and CEO of the Carinthian start-up WOGO, which operates internationally . The restaurant platform, which was previously online as a website, is now available as an app. Users can choose from over 300,000 restaurants in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. This is just the beginning, however, as sales are only just starting and current bars, information and menus are being added. This provides an alternative to platforms such as Yelp or Foursquare, which are not familiar with regional conditions and preferences.

"Enjoyment and enjoyment of good food is a task that unites countries for us," emphasizes Wadl. “We don't believe in language barriers and support local tourism with WOGO, because the app is ideal for vacationers. The entire app is in four languages, so you can find all the information and all the important contents of the menu in English, Italian, Slovenian and German. "

New opportunities for gastronomy: Europe's largest platform with menu feature
"We act as a social and culinary interface between guest and restaurateur," Wadl explains another aspect of the WOGO app. With WOGO, every landlord can easily put their current menus, e.g. lunch and dinner menus, daily and weekly menus, menus, etc. online. Seconds later, the app user can find all the information on their smartphone. WOGO is the largest platform in Europe that offers this menu feature.

What can the WOGO app do?

Look around
The Look Around feature shows bars in the vicinity of the user. The search results can be filtered according to personal preferences, e.g. according to criteria such as: "What's open now", "Local types" or "Culinary".

Local information at a glance
The app profile page contains all the important information such as the type of restaurant and cuisine, current opening times, telephone number for inquiries, e-mail for reservations, pictures of the restaurant, menus, information about the restaurant, details such as free WiFi, brunch, happy hour, lunch menus, outdoor dining and much more.

Menus 10 percent cheaper
The red stickers inform you where there are lunch and dinner menus as well as daily and weekly offers.
These can usually be found in the entrance area of ​​the restaurant. WOGO users receive a 10% discount on all menus at these restaurants marked with the red WOGO sticker.

Route to the bar
WOGO shows the fastest way to the restaurant with a precise route description. Users can choose between pedestrians, cyclists, public transport or the car. In order to use this function, you do not have to leave the app or open another one, it is already integrated in WOGO.

Users have the opportunity to "heart" their own favorite bars and thus create their own personal favorites list. The heart can be found at the beginning of every profile page of a restaurant, once marked it ends up directly in the own dashboard under Favorites. Of course, you can filter the personal list again, e.g. for "just open" or "local types" such as "restaurant" and much more.

WOGO Community: Share user contributions and experiences
In the WOGO Community, users report on their experiences and share reviews and recommendations with others. Contributions can be made directly in the app and help searchers to find a suitable location.

About WOGO:
WOGO is an Austrian start-up that offers a supraregional and international restaurant database as well as a gastro search engine for bars. Users and restaurateurs benefit equally from search functions, community features and special offers. There are currently over 300,000 restaurants, cafés, pubs and clubs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovenia on WOGO. WOGO is available as an app for iPhone users and online at

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Credit: WOGO