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The Mecklenburg Lake District - the paradise for a water vacation

One of the most beautiful regions in Germany for renting houseboats is the Mecklenburg Lake District. Nowhere else can you find so many different lakes in one place. One of the many advantages of the region - it is perfect for beginners. That is why many of the boats can be chartered inland without a sports boat license. All you need is a charter certificate, which you can receive after instruction on the day of departure. The small port cities of the region invite you to be visited with their culture, historic old buildings and lots of charm. Most of them can be explored on foot from the water. In order to reach more distant destinations, a rental bike is often enough, which can be rented cheaply at many ports. Many nature parks invite you to go on excursions into the countryside. You can undertake both guided and free hiking and cycling tours via a huge network of hiking trails. There is a lot to discover through forests and moorlands, past various lakes. Here you will find rare plants and lichens or rare animals such as the bison (European bison). From many different lookout towers you can watch the animals go about their daily activities.

Are you going on a houseboat holiday for the first time, or are you not yet very familiar with the Mecklenburg Lake District? You may now be wondering where is the best place to drive. Whether over a lake, a canal / river, or possibly both? As a beginner, you are still unsure whether you dare to maneuver through the locks? Don't worry - the Mecklenburg Lake District offers very individual options for planning your trip.

To rent a houseboat Mecklenburg Lake District and what you should know about the locks:

  1. Crossing the locks is really not difficult. Practice makes perfect here in any case.
  2. Take it easy. Just get to know your boat for 1-2 days. Get a feel for the boat's dimensions and steering. Who knows, maybe give it a try.
  3. And if you prefer to do without locks completely, the Mecklenburg Lake District offers enough space for an exciting boating holiday even without locks.

How you can decide between lake or canal / river when renting a houseboat Mecklenburg Lake District:

Both have their advantages and their own charm - the choice is of course difficult. Especially if you don't really know what to expect.

  1. Canal / river: A common prejudice that we often hear is whether a long journey through the canal / river is not boring. We always have a very clear answer to this: No - on the contrary! Because of the proximity to the shore, the surrounding nature can be admired wonderfully. So it goes past wide green meadows with grazing cows and shortly afterwards through a dense forest or a small village. This constant change of landscape makes a boating holiday a very special experience. There is something new to discover around every bend.
  2. Lake: You can find a greater feeling of freedom on the "open water" - the lake. Whether you are driving in the middle of the lake or anchored in a secluded bay, here you can just be to yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. Houseboat holidays on the lake are also perfect for children. No overcrowded berths on the bank, but jump straight into the water from your own boat. But here, too, it doesn't get boring that easily. Because a lake is big and the shore is not the same on every side. That is why there is a new favorite place to discover every day.

Depending on which tour to rent a houseboat Mecklenburgische Seenplatte you do not have to choose one of the two, you can experience both at the same time.

In our travel magazine we have already put together some trip suggestions for the most beautiful routes through the Mecklenburg Lake District. Here you can find out, for example, which cities are particularly worth seeing. Or when and how many locks you will expect on the way. You can find suitable boats for renting houseboats on the Mecklenburg Lake District here.

The Müritz - Germany's largest inland lake

It is not without reason that the Müritz is also called the “little sea”. It is both the largest lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District and the largest inland lake in Germany. Even beginners can rent a houseboat in Müritz without a boat license. But the area is of course also attractive for experienced seafarers. Whether on the water or visiting the sights of the picturesque small towns around the Müritz - the whole family can get their money's worth here. Cities like Waren, Röbel or Rechlin are just waiting to be explored by you.

Just strolling through the little streets of the old town makes the clocks run slower and forget the hectic everyday life. The historic old town buildings take you on a journey into the past, as do the various museums and exhibitions. Children can also experience here that museums don't have to be boring. For example, the Müritzeum in the city of Waren is particularly interesting for young and old. This museum provides child-friendly information about the animals, plants and nature in the area. Above and below the water - you can admire the underwater life in the adjacent Herrensee through a large window wall. If you would like to find out more about the cities around the Müritz, you should definitely take a look at our travel magazine. Under the heading Inspiration you will find descriptions of many cities in the region.

And if you still need a little more peace and quiet and slow down, the Müritz National Park welcomes you with countless hiking and biking trails. The flora here is diverse, as is the fauna and some of the animals in their habitat can be observed from various vantage points. The large park with its forests, moor areas and meadows is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth a visit.