How strong is sakura

Sasuke vs Sakura and Team 7 new Sensei Jirayia

A few years had passed since Naruto and Kurama became friends and Naruto had attended the academy, now Naruto was 12 years old and together with Sasuke Uchiha, his best friend and Tenten on a team under Kakashi Hatake. After a few D-rank missions, they also got a C-rank mission. You should accompany the bridge builder Tenso (I hope he was called that) into the wave kingdom, because he had to put a bridge there to the end. When they were attacked by ninjas after a while, they knew it was not a C-rank mission. Tenso had lied because his country was very poor and they couldn't afford expensive ninjas. Kakashi was very angry because it was way too dangerous for three Genin, but his team didn't want to abort the mission.

(The mission in the wave kingdom happened like in the anime, only that Haku was a girl and Tenten was there and not Sakura.)

Two weeks after this mission, Kakashi registered his team for the Chunin selection exam. Naruto was really looking forward to it. He trained very hard every day to become one of the best ninjas. For 3 years he also trained sword fighting together with Sasuke and Tenten. Since Tenten knew best about guns, she was a bit better than the two boys, even if, Naruto and Sasuke, made rapid progress. Naruto was fighting Sasuke and it looked like there would be a tie again. The two blades clashed loudly. Sasuke tried to push Naruto away and then hit him with a left turn, but the blonde managed to counter the blow and land a light hit on Sasuke's leg. (Of course they wore protective clothing and the swords weren't sharp) The hit wasn't very strong, but it would still leave a bruise.

The two were just taking a break when they heard a "Sasuke-kun!" "Oh, no.", The two groaned annoyed. It was Sakura who laughed happily and ran up to them. Both boys actually liked Sakura, she was a good friend, but like so many girls, she ran after Sasuke and kept trying to meet him. Sasuke thought it was cute at first, but over time the fangirls got on his nerves. "Sasuke, do you want to go out to eat with me today?", Sakura asked and smiled sweetly at Sasuke. "Sakura. You know that we train for the chunin exams. Shouldn't you be doing that too? ”Naruto asked. “Oh, Naruto! I've been training very hard the last few days, so I wanted to do something with Sasuke. So Sasuke, are we going out tonight? “, Sasuke rubbed the bridge of his nose annoyed. “Sakura, if you've been training really hard, show me. I know you learned a lot from Tsunade, so let's fight. If you beat me, I'll go out with you. ”Sasuke said. He knew that Sakura had trained really hard and wasn't weak, but she'd never had a chance against him. But who knows, maybe she will win and then he would go out to eat with her, since an Uchiha always kept his word.

Sakura and Sasuke faced each other and took up fighting positions. “I act as a referee! Only take easy techniques, we don't want you to seriously injure yourself because the chunin exams are soon. If I see that one of you is done, I'll end the fight. ", Naruto explained and gave the signal that the two could start. Immediately Sakura stormed towards Sasuke, but this dodged skillfully. Sasuke attacked and stepped to Sakura's left side, the pink-haired woman fended off the attack with her arm and was thrown a few meters backwards. Immediately Sasuke rushed to Sakura again, but this time Sakura managed to hit the Uchiha in the stomach with one kick and thereby disrupt Sasuke. Sakura immediately followed up and collected Chakra in her fist and hit the floor, it broke open immediately and Sasuke fell into a pit, but was still able to save himself by being thrown out of the pit by a doppelganger that he quickly created. Sasuke collected chakra in his legs and ran at high speed towards his opponent. Sakura couldn't react and was hit hard by sasuke. Sakura flew back several meters and crashed hard against a tree, where she lay unconscious. Sasuke had hit her very hard, maybe a little too hard, but he had won the short fight, but had to admit that Sakura's strength was very high. Naruto, who saw how strong Sakura was, had to swallow something. / If she continues like this, she will be a second one, Tsunade./, said Kurama. / Don't! I love my mother, but when she is angry then you should never be the target of her anger. If Sakura is like that, then I'll emigrate./, Naruto replied.