What is a term in college

Four-year colleges in the United States

Those who want to go to college in the United States are spoiled for choice: there are more than 2000 Four-year colleges in the USA. “Going to college” is a common phrase in the USA and more common than the expression “going to university”. Everyday language usage therefore provides little information about which type of university is meant. Four-year colleges In the USA, however, there are a few characteristics that can be used to distinguish it from other types of universities.

A conceptual approach of the colleges

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Four-year colleges in the United States can be stand-alone institutions or departments of larger universities that are specifically responsible for providing initial student education.

Behind the term "college"There are two things that can hide in the USA:

Four-year colleges in the USA got their name because of the range of courses they offer: The duration of study on Four-year college is usually four years.

A distinction must be made between them Two-year colleges. Their most common form, the Community colleges, offer two-year courses leading to Associate Degree lead - for many young people a door opener to an academic career. Graduates then have the opportunity to spend two more years at a university or a Four-year college to study in the USA. There they can catch up on their bachelor’s degree.

The term University usually denotes those institutions in the US that Graduate Studies and usually have a strong research tradition.

Four-year college hallmarks in the United States

Four-year colleges offer predominantly four-year bachelor programs that classically conclude with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

Compared to universities, colleges are often smaller. This is especially true of many private colleges. Smaller universities have a number of advantages: In many courses, the group sizes are manageable, the atmosphere on campus is frequent family. The relationship between professors and students is also very good in many cases.

The advantage of many Four-year colleges in the US: The only entry requirement is a Graduated from high school. Some universities also require academic admission tests such as the SAT or ACT.

Liberal Arts Colleges

A specialty among the colleges in the USA are those Liberal Arts Colleges. Many of these facilities are small, private institutionswho enjoy an excellent reputation. You can compete with the larger universities in the USA and assert yourself in international rankings without any problems. Accordingly, the study places are also in great demand. The tuition fees are usually higher compared to other universities.

To the philosophy of Liberal Arts Colleges is the thought of teaching students to “learn to think”. They are therefore rather critical of the pure acquisition of knowledge. In addition, you can Liberal Arts Colleges in the USA as follows:

  • Study objective: imparting a broad knowledge base; not a job-related one, but one basic undergraduate educationwhich should contribute to the development of the personality.
  • Course content: humanities subjects like literature or history instead of a technology-oriented course
  • Study structure: Studium Generale; the main subject is often only chosen in the third year of study

Good to know: if from Liberal Arts Colleges in the USA, in some cases the size of the university and not the range of courses is meant.