What digital Christmas gifts have you bought

How Germans buy Christmas presents


by Hedda Nier,
Christmas in Germany
In less than two months it will be Christmas - for many it will be the highest railroad to start buying presents or at least collecting ideas. According to a study by the auditing company Ernst & Young, most Germans are forward-looking gift providers.

38 percent of those surveyed said they would buy their gifts in October or November, and another 39 percent buy three to four weeks before Christmas. At the last minute, in this case one to two weeks before the festival, only 23 percent buy, as the Statista graph shows.

In almost every second case, the shopping spree is planned accordingly: 46 percent stated that they either already know what they want to give or that the recipient wants to go to the stores, while others seek inspiration on a shopping spree or buy on the recommendation of friends. On average, women spend 275 euros more on gifts than men.