How much does breast lift cost

Breast lift

There are different surgical methods to tighten breasts. In all variants, the doctors remove superfluous skin and move the nipple, usually including the nerves and blood vessels, upwards. As a result, the sensitivity of the warts is retained more often than with the so-called "free transplantation", in which the nipples are moved without blood flow. The interventions also have in common that they are usually carried out as an inpatient, i.e. with hospitalization and under general anesthesia. A breast lift takes around two and a half to four hours.

Which technique is suitable for a patient depends on the physical conditions and the desired result. These are the most important techniques at a glance:

Almost no visible scars: the periareolar tightening

If the breasts sag a little or have become a little emptier after breastfeeding, periareolar tightening is an option. The surgeon makes a circular cut around the nipple and removes a strip of excess skin, also in a ring. Because of the round cut, this technique is also used O-cut called. The cuts are then sewn with a fine thread.

The periareolar tightening is special scarring. All that is left is a round wound around the areola. In contrast to other methods, it works without vertical and horizontal scars, but also achieves that slightest tightening. This is why the O-cut is only suitable for small breasts if the excess skin is not too large.

Few scars: the Lejour i-cut

If a stronger tightening effect is to be achieved, not only the nipple has to be moved, but the whole breast must be lifted. This requires an additional cut: the so-called Lejour method is first cut around the nipple, then from the deepest point of the areola once perpendicular to the underbust crease. Along this vertical incision, the excess skin is covered with a special seam gathered. This creates a rather noticeable, puckered scar that takes a few months to smooth out. The end result can be seen about six months after the operation.

In order to get by without a vertical scar in the future, there is research on a still young surgical method: the 3D breast lift. Small, endoscopic accesses are placed around the nipple through which a small device can be operated. Because of the tiny entrances, this is also called keyhole surgery. The breast tissue is attached at a higher level through the holes. This straightens and lifts the breast, but does not fill in any missing volume. This only works in connection with a breast augmentation.

The 3D breast lift is currently only offered in a few clinics - ask your surgeon about it.

Strongest tightening: the T-cut

The greatest firming effect has the so-called T-cut. With this surgical method, as with the Lejour method, the surgeon cuts around the wart and vertically down to the underbust crease. From there, another horizontal cut is made. This is continued under the breast either in one direction (L-cut) or in both directions (T-cut). This creates another scar under the breasts.

The T-cut is suitable for large breasts with a lot of excess skin. The advantage of this technique: The result of the reshaping can be seen shortly after the operation.