How much does a sidewalk cost

Parking on the sidewalk: You must observe these rules

Table of fines for parking on the sidewalk

Parked illegally on the sidewalk20 €
... with disabilities30 €
... longer than an hour30 €
The vehicle has not been parked in a place where parking was permitted by the 315 sign10 €
... with disabilities15 €
... longer than three hours30 €
... longer than three hours with a disability35 €

Fine calculator stop & park

Whether you are driving, stopping or parking - as a driver, you have to roadway to use. Sidewalks are, as the name suggests, mainly used by pedestrians. So parking on the sidewalk is for drivers prohibited. But there are certain Exceptionswho have favourited motorists to park on the sidewalk.

But when is it forbidden and when is it allowedto park on the sidewalk? What does she say Road traffic regulations StVO to park on the sidewalk? Which Sanctions are imposed and how much can that be fine fail?

Parking on the sidewalk according to the StVO

On the side walk Parking is not explicitly stated in the StVO forbidden and must therefore come from other regulations inferred become. According to the StVO, vehicles are obliged to use the roadway to use. This applies to the flowing as well as for the stationary traffic. The StVO also regulates the places where the vehicle driver is hold and park are allowed and the sidewalk is not one of them. Even with that motorcycle you are not allowed to park on the sidewalk.

By the way: By car only half, so only with two wheelsTo stand on the sidewalk is also considered to be “on the Parking sidewalk“.

When is parking on the sidewalk allowed?

But when can you park on the sidewalk? Parking is usually allowed where a Parking area marking or a Parking sign show it. There is actually an equivalent for parking on the sidewalk Traffic sign. The Traffic sign 315 advises that parking on the sidewalk at a specific place allowed is.

However, there are also a few here restrictions and Regulationsthat related to Sign 315 please note:

  • Just vehicles with a permissible total weight up to 2.8 tons are allowed to park where the traffic sign 315 allows it.
  • Is parking due to the presence of the Traffic sign 315 allowed, you are still not allowed to park your vehicle if you are with it Manhole cover or other Closures would obscure.

Respect, think highly of You also like that Designed traffic sign is:

  • Based on Illustration you can find out how your vehicle is on the sidewalk turn off to have. You can either come with us four or just with two wheels standing on sidewalks.
  • By horizontal white arrows can also show where the Parking zone begins and ends.

Parking on the sidewalk: is there a fine?

If you disregard the parking ban, sanctions can be imposed. If you park on the sidewalk, you usually have to expect a fine. Parking on the sidewalk with additional disability has a higher warning money result. Points in Flensburg or a Driving ban are not granted here. The following sanctions are imposed:

  • If you park illegally on the sidewalk, this can result in a fine of 20 Euros have as a consequence. Handicap Other road users or park longer than an hour on the sidewalk, expect 10 euros more.
  • Parking on the sidewalk is supported by the Traffic sign 315 allowed, but you park your vehicle inadmissible from there, it can be a warning fee of 10 Euro entail. With additional disability that can cost you 15 euros. More than three hours You can expect a warning fee of 30 euros, with an additional one disability 35 euros are due.

FAQ - Parking on the sidewalk

How expensive is parking on the sidewalk?

If you park illegally on the sidewalk, it can cost 10 to 35 euros.

How far can you park on the sidewalk?

Either only half or completely. This is based on the signs (VZ 315).