I will come to YOU ​​at 93

1 Listen up, O elders of my church, who have gathered together in my name, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Savior of the world, because you believe in my name and keep my commandments.

2 Again I say to you, listen, and hear, and notice this aLaw that I will give you.

3 For verily I say, Since you were gathered according to this aCommandment, with which I have commanded you, and you agree on this one thing band you have asked the Father in my name, you will also receive.

4 Behold, verily I say to you, I give you this first commandment that you should go out in my name, each one of you except my servants Joseph Smith Jr. and Sidney Rigdon.

5 And I command them to go out a short time, and it is by the power of aSpirit given when to return.

6 And you shall go out in the power of my Spirit, and preach my gospel, ain twos, in my name, and lift up your voice as with the sound of a trumpet and proclaim my word as angels of God.

7 And you shall go and baptize with water, and say, Repent, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

8 And from this place you shall go to the regions to the west; and as far as you find those who receive you, you are to set up my church in every area -

9 until the time comes when it will be revealed to you from on high, when that aNew Jerusalem as bCity should be prepared so that you can become one cbe brought together so that you may be mine dBe a people and I will be your God.

10 And further, I say to you, my servant aEdward Partridge is said to be in the position to which I have appointed him. And it will come to pass: if he converts, becomes a bothers are determined in his place. That's the way it is. Amen.

11 Furthermore, I say to you, it shall not be given to anyone to go to share my gospel apreach or establish my church unless it is from someone bbeen ordained that cHas authority, and the Church is known to have authority and duly ordained by the heads of the Church.

12 And further: The aElders, priests, and teachers of this church are supposed to teach the principles of my gospel bteach that in the cBible and im dBook of Mormon, in which the fulness of the eGospel is included.

13 And let them be careful about the aCovenants and statutes of the Church to be obeyed, and these are to be her teaching as guided by the Spirit.

14 And the Spirit will guide you through that aPrayer of faith given; and if you have the bIf you do not receive the Spirit, you should not teach.

15 And in doing all this you shall be careful, as I have commanded concerning your teaching, until the fulness of mine aScriptures will be given.

16 And if your through the aComforter raise your voice, you will speak and prophesy as it seems good to me;

17 for, behold, the Comforter knows everything and bears testimony of the Father and of the Son.

18 And now, behold, I say to the church, You shall not akill; and who bkills will not have forgiveness in this world or in the world to come.

19 And further, I say you shall not kill; but whoever kills should ato die.

20 You shouldn't asteal; and whoever steals and refuses to repent shall be cast out.

21 You shouldn't alying; whoever lies and does not want to repent should be cast out.

22 You shall give your wife with all your heart alove and you should love her bhold on and hold on to no one and nothing else.

23 And whoever looks at a woman that it is him after her alust, he will deny faith and will not have the spirit; and if he does not repent, he will be cast out.

24 You shouldn't aCommit adultery; and whoever commits adultery and does not repent shall be cast out.

25 But he who has committed adultery and with all his heart aturn back and leave it and no longer do it, you should bforgive;

26 but he does aagain, he is not to be forgiven, but to be cast out.

27 You shall have nothing of your neighbor aSpeak badly nor harm him in any way.

28 You know that my laws about this are given in my writings; whoever sins and does not repent should abe expelled.

29 If you like me ayou should love me bserve and all my commandments chold.

30 And, behold, you will aRemember the poor and what you can share with them about your property bsupportcconsecrate, with a covenant and a contract that cannot be broken.

31 And if you of your belongings with the aPoorbshare, you do it to me; and it should be before the cBishop of my church and his counselors are placed, two by the elders or high priests, as he may or already determined and may appoint them for this purpose dhas used.

32 And it will come to pass after it has been presented to the bishop of my church, and after he has these testimonies about the aConsecration of the property of my church has received that it can no longer be taken from the church, in accordance with my commandments, then everyone is considered bTrustee of his property or what he has received by dedication - as much as for himself and his cFamily is sufficient -, in front of me dbe accountable.

33 And further, if more property remains in the hands of the church or one of its members than is necessary for its maintenance after this first consecration - that is, one aRemnants to be consecrated to the bishop - so it should be kept, to be given from time to time to those who do not have, so that those in need may be adequately cared for and received according to their needs.

34 Therefore the remainder shall be kept in my storehouse, so that it may be given to the poor and the needy, as determined by the high council of the church and the bishop and his council,

35 also for the purpose of acquiring land for the general good of the church and to build houses of God and for the aTo build the New Jerusalem, which will be revealed later -

36 so that my covenant people might be united in one on the day that I became mine atemplebwill come. And I do this for the salvation of my people.

37 And it shall come to pass that he who sins and does not repent shall leave the church abe cast out and shall not receive again what he gives to the poor and needy of my church or, in other words, to me bhas consecrated -

38 because if it is yours to the least of these ado, so do you to me.

39 For it shall come to pass that what I have spoken at the mouth of my prophets will be fulfilled; for I will consecrate from the riches of those among others who receive my gospel to the poor of my people who are of the house of Israel.

40 And further, you shall not abe proud in your heart; leave all yours bRobes be simple and their beauty the beauty of the work of your own hands;

41 and let everything be done cleanly before me.

42 You shouldn't abe idle, for whoever is idle should neither eat the worker's bread nor wear his garment.

43 And whoever among you awho is sick and does not believe that he will be healed, but is a believer, should be nourished tenderly with herbs and light foods, and not by the hand of an enemy.

44 And the elders of the church, two or more, shall be called and shall pray for him, and for him in my name the aLay hands on; and if he dies, so bhe dies in me, and if he lives he lives in me.

45 You should aloving each other blive so that you may fear the loss of those who die ccry, especially about those who don't dHave hope for a glorious resurrection.

46 And it will come to pass that whoever dies in me will be aDeath does not taste good because it will give him bto be sweet;

47 and woe to him who does not die in me, for his death is bitter.

48 And further, it will come to pass: Whoever aHas faith in me bto be healed and not for death cis determined will be healed.

49 He who has faith to see will see.

50 Whoever believes to hear will hear.

51 The lame who believes to jump will jump.

52 And those who have not the faith to do this, but who believe in me, have the power to mine aTo become sons; and insofar as they do not break my laws, thou shalt break their weaknesses bbear.

53 You shall be in your place aStand trust.

54 You shall not take your brother's garment; you should pay what you get from your brother.

55 And if you're more awhen what would be for your livelihood, you should put it in mine bGive the storehouse so that everything happens as I said it would.

56 You shall ask, and mine aScriptures will be given as I have ordained and they shall be safe bbe kept;

57 and it is advisable that you keep silence about them and not teach them until you have received them completely.

58 And I give you the command that you should then teach them to all men; because they should ato be taught to all nations, families, languages ​​and peoples.

59 You shall take as my law all that you have received, which has been given you as law in my writings, to guide my church;

60 and who according to all aacts will be saved, and whoever does not do so will bbe damned if he goes on like this.

61 If you ask, you will aRevelation after revelation, bReceive knowledge after knowledge so that you can get the cSecrets and that dMay recognize the peaceful - that what eBrings joy, that which brings eternal life.

62 You should ask, and then it will be revealed to you at the time I will determine when this aNew Jerusalem is to be built.

63 And, behold, it shall come to pass that my servants shall be sent out to the east and west and north and south.

64 And now let him who goes to the east teach those who are converted that they should go after aFlee west, with a view to what is to come on earth and for bsecret connections.

65 Behold, you shall keep all these things, and your reward will be great; for it was given to you to know the secrets of the kingdom, but it was not given to the world to know them.

66 Keep the laws that you have received and be faithful.

67 And later you will become ecclesiastical aReceive covenants that will suffice to establish you firmly here and in the New Jerusalem.

68 To whom it is to aWisdom is missing, let him ask me, and I will gladly give him and I will not blame him.

69 Lift up your hearts and rejoice, for this is yours aRich or, in other words, they are bKey given to the church. That's the way it is. Amen.

70 The aPriest and bTeachers should be theirs cHave trusteeship, as do the members.

71 And the elders or high priests appointed to assist the bishop in everything as counselors are to receive support for their families from property given to the bishop for the good of the poor and for other purposes, as previously mentioned. ahas been consecrated

72 or to receive fair remuneration for all their services, either in trust or otherwise, as the counselors and bishop deem best or decide to be best.

73 And the bishop must also receive his maintenance or fair payment for all his services in the church.

74 Behold, verily, I say to you, if any one of you is from his spouse because of it aHas renounced fornication or, in other words, if someone testifies before you in all humility of heart that this is the case, you should not cast him out of your midst;

75 but you find out that someone has his spouse for the aHas left for the sake of adultery and he himself is the culprit and his spouse is still alive, he should be among you bbe expelled.

76 And further, I say to you, you should abe attentive and careful and investigate everywhere so that you do not accept someone like that with you if he is married;

77 and if he is not married, he must repent of all his sins, otherwise you must not receive him.

78 And further, everyone who belongs to this Church of Christ should be careful to keep all the commandments and covenants of the Church.

79 And it will come to pass: If any of you akills, he shall be delivered and treated according to the laws of the land; for remember that he has no forgiveness; and it is to be proved according to the laws of the land.

80 And if anyone, man or woman, commits adultery, action should be taken against him or her before two or more elders of the Church, and every word against him or she should be confirmed by two witnesses from the Church, but not from the enemy ; but if there are more than two witnesses, it is better.

81 But he or she is to be found guilty by the mouth of two witnesses; and the elders are to present the case to the church, and the church should hold up a hand against him or her, that they may be dealt with according to the law of God.

82 And if it can be, it is necessary that the bishop also be present.

83 And so you are to do in all cases that come before you.

84 And if a man or a woman commits a robbery, he or she shall be committed to the law of the land.

85 And if he or she asteals, he or she is to be surrendered to the law of the land.

86 And if he or she alies if he or she is to be handed over to the law of the land.

87 And if he or she commits any kind of iniquity, he or she shall be delivered over to the law, namely, that of God.

88 And if you like yours aBrother or your sister bDoes wrong, you shall take him or her, between him or her and you alone; and if he or she cconfess, you shall be reconciled.

89 And if he or she does not confess, you should hand him or her over to the church, not to the members, but to the elders. And it should be done in one session, and not in front of the world.

90 And if your brother or sister does wrong to many, he or she should be in front of many abe chastised.

91 And if anyone does wrong in public, he or she should be publicly reprimanded so that he or she may be ashamed. And if he or she does not confess, he or she is to be surrendered to the law of God.

92 If someone does injustice in secret, he or she should be clandestinely corrected so that he or she may secretly confess to whoever he or she has wronged and God, so that the church will not be reproachful talk about him or her.

93 And so be your conduct in all matters.