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The overarching goal of the STAII VIT (read: Stay Fit) project is to improve social (especially sport and leisure-related) participation and the quality of life of people with visual impairments.

Inclusion of people with visual impairment from exercise

The aim of the project is to improve the participation of visually impaired people through targeted and systematic sports and exercise offers.

In addition, through 'multiplier effects', other people with visual impairments are to be encouraged to do physical and sporting activities in order to benefit from the positive physiological and psychological effects of exercise and sport. In addition, these activities should lead to the fact that stereotypes and reservations of non-disabled people towards the target group with regard to independence and productivity are broken down.

For this purpose, a training concept for trainers is being developed, which aims to motivate the rehabilitation candidates to take part in sporting activity and the content of which is implemented by sports teachers and trainers in the participating institutions. After the training of selected employees from the facilities, there is a one-year exercise and sports program based on the theoretical concept. Before, during and after this intervention phase, surveys are carried out in order to record possible effects of the regular and systematically conveyed sports offers, their feasibility and any problems that arise.

The subjects' physical and athletic activity is expected to increase during rehabilitation. In addition, it is assumed that the quality of life and self-confidence of the participants will increase as a result, and that participation in sports and leisure will be positively supported.

Project partner

Research institute for inclusion through exercise and sport gGmbH

Paul-R.-Kraemer-Allee 100

50226 Frechen, Germany



Istituto Regionale Rittmeyer per i ciechi di Trieste

Viale Miramare 119

34136 Trieste, Italy



Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Kory Francisc

Strada Calea Dorobantilor, namarul 31

400117 Cluj Napoca, Romania




24 Landos Str.

Plovdiv, 4006

P.Box. 11, Bulgaria


Curriculum for sports teachers or coaches with no experience in dealing with visually impaired or blind athletes


Curriculum for sports teachers or trainers with experience in dealing with visually impaired or blind athletes


Handburch for the coaching course


Evaluation of the courses in the partner countries


The STAII VIT project was supported by the program

ERASMUS + co-financed by the European Commission