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Mobile phone at the wheel: it is allowed, it is forbidden!

When driving, everyone should concentrate on the road and the traffic - for their own safety and the safety of others! And yet many people drive with their cell phones behind the wheel: a real danger! Experts predict that the accident rate will increase rapidly as the smartphone can be used more and more. When the cell phone is forbidden at the wheel, what is allowed and what penalties you have to expect, we'll tell you now:

Cell phone behind the wheel - what is prohibited?

The road traffic regulations stipulate a clear rule that clearly defines the use of the mobile phone while driving:

“Anyone who drives a vehicle is not allowed to use a cell phone or car phone if the cell phone or the car phone receiver has to be picked up or held. This does not apply when the vehicle is stationary and the engine of motor vehicles is switched off "(§23 StvO)".

That means: if the engine is running, the cell phone is taboo for the driver. Even if you are standing in front of a red light, you are not allowed to use the cell phone. It is only allowed as soon as the engine is no longer running. SMS or WhatsApp is also strictly forbidden while driving! Photographing and even reading the clock are prohibited while driving. In short: as soon as you even pick up your cell phone while the engine is running, this is not allowed!
If you are caught with a mobile phone behind the wheel, you have been threatened with higher fines and a point in Flensburg since 2017. Novice drivers in particular should keep their hands off their mobile phones, otherwise the trial period may be extended. If you are repeatedly caught behind the wheel while using your cell phone, you may even be banned from driving.
By the way, cyclists are also not allowed to make phone calls while driving. Here you can see an overview of the penalties:


Cell phone used while drivingFine of 60-100 euros, 1 point in Flensburg
Cell phone used while riding a bikeFine of 25-55 euros

Cell phone at the wheel - what is allowed?

Modern cell phones have a multitude of useful features that can also be used in traffic. For example the navigation function. Is this also prohibited while driving?
No, not in general! You can use the navigation function of your mobile phone while driving - provided you don't have to pick up your mobile phone. The general rule still applies: as long as the driver does not pick up the cell phone, the practical functions of the smartphone are allowed.
The same applies to hands-free phone calls or dictating messages. This is generally not forbidden if the mobile phone does not have to be used or even held.

Please no cell phone at the wheel!

As always, safety first! So, stay away from your cell phone, please! For your safety and the safety of everyone else. If you have to make an urgent call, take your time and park your vehicle. Then you will certainly not be punished.
What is your opinion on the cell phone at the wheel? Are the penalties too mild or should one turn a blind eye? Tell us in a comment and join the discussion! We look forward to your opinion!
Next time we will devote ourselves to the annoying subject of alcohol while driving. What are the penalties? We tell you. Until then: mobile-free travel!