What questions help people learn

22 questions to get to know yourself better

Finding yourself or getting to know yourself, you probably know that from your teenage years, from growing up. In order to accept yourself and thus take care of yourself accordingly, it is important that you understand yourself and ask yourself the question: Who am I?

That is why it is completely normal and even essential to ask yourself these questions more often so that you can understand yourself better.

A benevolent and understanding attitude towards yourself will help you move forward in life and bring some meaning to your experiences. Without this feeling you can feel “lost”.

That's why we've listed 22 questions here that will help you discover yourself.

Why you have a hard time knowing yourself

You put the needs of others above your own

If you put the needs of others above your own, you forget yourself. This means that if you only focus on others, you automatically neglect yourself. Perhaps so much that you find it difficult to perceive and appreciate your own needs to know. This greatly minimizes your perception of the feeling that shows you who you are and what you need.

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Change messes up your life

There are always changes in life. Which isn't necessarily bad. In connection with a negative event, such as a breakup, termination or loss of a person, these changes can lead to you questioning yourself, not recognizing yourself or generally not really knowing who you are.

This is because you take on different roles in different parts of your life. So if this role disappears from your life and your image of yourself, you first have to find yourself again and understand what actually makes it so difficult not to be able to take on this role anymore. If you want to know why it is easier for some people to change something or if you have had problems changing something in the past, then you should read this story (by clicking here).

You are disconnected from your thoughts and feelings

You always take care that you are distracted. Whether through food, alcohol or any electronic device. It's fun too, the only difficulty is that you lose important information about yourself. How often do you get your smartphone or something to eat when something is uncomfortable?

These distractions keep you from knowing more about yourself. They take away the chance to be curious about yourself and to feel inside yourself how you are really doing and what you need.

If you feel like this, then don't panic, I struggled with it myself for years and in the end found a way for myself. You can find out more about it here.

Shame, self-doubt and repression

You feel shame, you feel bad, and you keep repressing parts of yourself. You may have learned that you are weird, not pretty, stupid, or generally not valuable. You have been bullied or criticized. Maybe when you were a kid you always wanted to do one thing, but others told you it wasn't cool. So you didn't do it in the first place.

This applies to all feelings and needs that you have put back in the past. You adjusted too much and were someone you didn't want to be. Over a longer period of time, this condition leads to you forgetting who you actually are, what you want and what you need.

Take the time to get to know yourself

Before we get to the list of questions, a few tips on how to do it:

  • You shouldn't be answering these questions casually. Take enough time for it.
  • Don't ask too many questions at once, either. It makes sense that you pick out 2-3 questions and then play through and answer them in detail for you.
  • Be curious! Even when it gets difficult, you should be open and interested with yourself.
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings as you practice. These can provide you with further valuable information about yourself.

Questions to get to know yourself better

The list of questions is of course only an excerpt from many possible questions. Maybe you can think of new questions while answering.

  1. What are my strengths?
  2. Who is most important to me? Which people can I trust?
  3. What am I ashamed of?
  4. What am I really proud of?
  5. What do I like to do that I enjoy?
  6. What would I like to try new?
  7. What are my worries?
  8. What am I grateful for?
  9. If I had one wish it would be _________
  10. Where do I feel safest?
  11. If I wasn't scared I would __________
  12. What was my biggest mistake?
  13. What do I like about my job / studies? What do I dislike at all?
  14. What does my inner critic tell me?
  15. How do I take care of myself? What am I doing good to myself?
  16. Am I more of an introvert or an extrovert? Do I prefer to be in company or alone?
  17. What is important to me in life? What are my values? What do i believe in
  18. What are my short term / long term goals?
  19. What am I really up for?
  20. What is my fondest memory?
  21. When I feel bad, I take care of myself by _________
  22. What really stresses me out?

Getting to know yourself is a process. You will have to think, talk, write, try out yourself, ... for it. And the whole thing won't work overnight either. But it's also a fun process that brings you new insights.

Note that there is no rating when answering your questions. It's about discovering yourself and understanding yourself better, not about making yourself bad. Even if some of the answers annoy you or make you feel bad, think about where it came from and what you could do about it. And think about small steps so that you can actually take them.

If you need support to go your own way, we can wholeheartedly recommend our online coaching (click here).

Have fun exploring.