How to apologize in Japanese


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RE: apologize properly
There are maybe 50 different ways of expressing forgiveness.
But when it comes down to it, you take the most popular one. You don't have much time for a suitable formulation anyway.

gomen nasai,
shitsurei desu ga ...,
kore wa shitsurei,
mooshiwake arimasen,
ojama shimasu,
ojama shimashita,
shitsurei shimashita.

suman = slang,
suimasen = slang.
sumanai = slang
okurete gomen nasai (when arriving late)
ainiku desu = I'm sorry.
aisumimasen = I'm sorry.
zannen desu ga = I'm sorry
zannen desu ga tsugoo ga warui desu = I'm sorry but the circumstances are not given to me.
omattase shimashita = from the seller, because he made her wait too long.
nando mo sumimasen desu ga = I'm sorry a thousand times.
doomo sumimasen
gomen kudasai
kore wa shikkei = slang
chotto sumimasen (to attract attention)
chotto (to attract attention)
ano (to attract attention)
ano ne (to attract attention)
osaki e shitsurei, = excuse me for going ahead.

As I said, there are many others. But some, I can't understand myself, I don't have the example sentence for them.

And it's like German too. There are many different formulations for an apology to use.
Sorry, sorry, sorry,
This is your language, you certainly have a few more of it.
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