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Packing list for the vacation

Finally holidays! The only thing missing now is the right packing list. Here you will find a vacation packing list for the summer, but it is also suitable for other times of the year, depending on where you are going on vacation. If you are going on a winter vacation, you can find my ski vacation packing list here. Or do you go on a hut tour? You can find an overview of all packing lists here, as well as my checklist for departure and the practical travel gadgets for women!

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Money & Finance

On vacation you need cash and your money cards. Depending on whether you are on vacation abroad or in Germany, it may be useful to have a credit card with which you can withdraw money free of charge anywhere. I prefer small purses, like the elephant wallet, which I can easily stow in my trouser pocket. Most of the time you only have a few bills and your credit card with you when you are on vacation. A minimalist wallet is sufficient for this.


Travel-sized cosmetics are useful when on vacation, e.g. B. the sunscreen, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Don't forget the nail care set, possibly shaving equipment and make-up utensils! Refillable PET bottles are popular and can be filled with shampoo and conditioner at home before leaving. This is cheaper in the long term than buying the small bottles in the drugstore for every vacation. Also, I usually travel with a hang-up laundromat. No matter what options the bathroom in the hotel or guest house offers, you can at least hang this washbag on the door handle.


Depending on the holiday destination, warm and airier clothing should be on your packing list. It is best to find out about the local weather beforehand so that you are prepared accordingly. I always take fleece and softshell jackets with me. With the onion principle, I am always well armed with it. Trekking pants with detachable legs are also practical. If it's a beach holiday, you should of course also think of bikini, shorts, pareo & Co. If it's a hotel vacation, more elegant things should be on the packing list for the evening.

Here you can find out more about my universal clothes for every trip.

Medicines / pharmacy

If you get injured or sick while on vacation, you should have a small first-aid kit with you. I always take pain killers, an anti-blister stick, plasters, and insect repellent with me. Nobite has proven itself in mosquito repellent: this is also true for tropical countries, i. H. for protection against tiger mosquitoes, suitable. The spray is available for the skin and clothing as well as a spray. I usually also take a mosquito plug with me, which I plug into a socket for the night (if there are no mosquito screens on the windows).

Papers & documents

Papers and reservation documents should not be missing on your holiday packing list! Think of directions, IDs, and address lists in case you want to write cards! You may also want to rent a car on site and therefore need your driver's license or, if necessary, an international driver's license. The flight / train / bus tickets should of course not be missing for the trip.

Backpacks & Bags

Depending on the nature of your vacation, a trekking backpack or a trolley case is more practical. Think of a daypack if you want to go on trips or go hiking. Compression bags make it easier to save space when packing. You put your things in and suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner or roll the bag and push the air out. I also mostly use packing cubes. These are more practical than plastic bags and help keep things clear in the suitcase. At the same time, I can sort my things better and find things faster.


Make sure you have comfortable shoes for your vacation. I prefer not to do experiments, i. H. I don't take shoes with me that I've never worn before. I always have light hiking shoes and flip flops with me. You may also need bathing shoes or flip flops that you can use when showering if you share the bathroom with other holidaymakers. You also need flip-flops for the sauna. If there is a gym in the hotel that you plan to use, consider athletic shoes as well. In some cases, this is checked on site to ensure that you do not go on the treadmill in street shoes.


Some little things fall under the "miscellaneous" category on your holiday packing list: from earplugs to games, reading material, sewing kits and umbrellas. I also never go anywhere without a water bottle, because I'm thirsty after three hours at the latest. When traveling by air, I do this by drinking my water bottle in front of the security check and then filling it up with tap water afterwards. So I don't need to buy expensive drinks at the gate or on the plane (if there is nothing or only after an hour).

I also have a digital packing list with useful apps and entertainment.

Here you will find 37 practical travel gadgets for women.

Bathing / beach

If your vacation is wholly or partly on the beach, don't forget the following things about swimming:

Technical equipment

Very few people can get by on vacation without any technology. I always have my Kindle, cell phone and camera with me. Power banks and other technical gadgets are also popular. Do not forget all charging cables or possibly rechargeable batteries or batteries as well as storage media for your electronics. However, if you really want to switch off on vacation, you should pack as little technology as possible.

Here you will find 20 useful technology gadgets for travel.


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