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Publish poems online

Writing poetry can in itself be enough fulfillment. Nevertheless: whoever writes also wants to be read. Even if only because you need feedback from the real world. Therefore I have one below list compiled with websites and forums where you can write your own Poems, poetry or prose can publish.


The e-Stories site went online in 1999 and is now an established platform for short stories and poems. Overall, texts can in 7 different languages can be uploaded, receiving feedback directly from the community. Before your first publication, you must first send in a sample text, which will be checked by the editorial team. If this is approved, your profile will be released and you can post additional texts.


Reading magnifier

The reading magnifier has also been online for more than 20 years and now has an archive of more than 70,000 short stories and poems. Here you have various forums to choose from, in which you can publish your self-written poems. Here, too, you first have to send in a sample text that will be checked by a moderator before your profile goes online. By the way, you can even use the VG-Wort tracking pixels here earn money with your poems.



In this forum, less common forms of poetry such as haikus find a home in Germany as well. In addition, essays, song texts and plays can be published. There is even one here Job Market, maybe there is a chance to make money with your poems.



Although the name suggests scifi and fantasy, the forum offers a wide range of different text forms and genres. Fanfiction is in the foreground, but self-written poems and prose can also be published.



Another portal to publish your poems online. Unlike the forums above, there is no subdivision into different genres or forms.


Short stories stories

Although mainly short stories are published on this page, under the heading "Lyric“However, poems can also be added.


Rhyme machine

The rhyme machine is, as the name suggests, one Search engine for rhymes. Poetry and poetry can be published in the associated forum.


Poetry oasis

A clear forum with an appealing design that focuses on the essentials. The poems are sorted by subject. In addition to texts, you can also Pictorial poems uploaded.



Although the site is a bit confusing, it nonetheless offers a platform for poems, prose and sayings and seems to have an active, albeit comparatively small, community.


Poet's podium

Here the poems are pinned to the side like on a pin board with a small preview. Clicking on the title takes you to the text that you, as a member, can comment on and rate.



On this page, which looks like an old book, it is possible without registration to publish (anonymously) poems. However, you would not receive any feedback without specifying an email.


Poetry mile

The Poetry Mile accepts submissions using the contact form. Poems, sayings and also skits can be submitted. Another option is the poetry anonymous or publish under a pseudonym.


German Writers' Forum

The Writers' Forum is a forum in the classic sense. That means you have to create a new thread to post some text. This can then be commented directly by the other members.


Literature forum

In order to publish self-written poems, you have to be in this forum Be a member for at least 10 days and have already made 10 contributions in other sub-forums.


List of other forums and portals:

Addendum from June 25, 2019


An attentive reader pointed me to the page Gedichte.com, which I unfortunately overlooked during my research. Thanks a lot for this! The poetry forum should definitely not be missing from this list, as it is apparently one of the most active communities.


Publish poems as setting

The problem with the above-mentioned pages is that you will only reach a few readers or only people from a certain branch. The audience is much bigger if you don't limit yourself to the written text. Poems in musical form could be published online on the following high-reach portals:

  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Band camp

I have already explained in detail in this post what you need to set a poem to music and what you should pay attention to.

Publish poems in magazines

If you don't want to just publish your poems online, try sending them to magazines. The following Lists help you to find a suitable magazine:

Last but not least, a link to an article in the world of authors with a list of publishers who publish poetry. In the event that you'd rather try it the classic way.

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