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Flamenco guitar

History of the flamenco guitar

The origins of the flamenco guitar can be traced back to Spanish and Moorish cultural influences. The guitar combines elements of instruments from both cultures. While the flamenco dance provides visual impressions and the singing provides the literal expression of suffering and joy, the guitar is omnipresent and gives the song a frame and shape. The flamenco guitar was not an original element of flamenco, but was added later to accompany the singer. Today playing a flamenco guitar has become an art in its own right and is considered to be one of the most difficult guitar games ever.

Characteristics of the flamenco guitar

The flamenco guitar is made of cypress and spruce wood and is therefore a little lighter than a classic acoustic guitar. The flamenco guitar therefore sounds sharper, almost metallic and brings out high notes very well. The rhythms and sequences when playing the flamenco guitar cannot be compared with a conventional classical style. Instead of playing according to notes or clear chord progressions, flamenco is all about good hearing, improvisation and a number of different fingering sequences. The cover of a flamenco guitar is also slightly different from a conventional guitar, since in flamenco the hands are also used to make a wooden sound sound. A good flamenco guitarist - a guitarrista - unites guitar playing and percussion (hitting against the guitar wall) harmoniously and melodically and amazes every audience.

Well-known flamenco guitarists

Some of the best flamenco guitarists come from families that have been involved with the art of flamenco for generations. It seems as if the flamenco rhythm runs in their blood and is innate. A famous example is the superstar's family Tomatitowhose father was also a guitar player and whose daughter has now become a flamenco singer.

More famous Guitarristas:

  • Tomatito
  • Paco de LucĂ­a
  • Paco Pena
  • Manolo SanlĂșcar
  • Enrique de Melchor
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