When to rent retail stores

Find commercial space for retail

Butchers and butchers are classic examples of retail. They are located in premises that are suitable for the customer-friendly preparation and sale of meat products. A corresponding property must therefore have a sales room as well as rooms for storing food and preparing the products. In addition, an intact and sufficient water, electricity and heating system are required to ensure daily operation.

The location is also decisive for the profitability of the operation. Butchers and butchers must be well connected to the public transport network and ideally have sufficient outdoor parking to make the journey as comfortable as possible for customers.

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business with such a business can rent a corresponding butcher shop or decide to buy a butcher shop. Renting a butcher's or butcher's shop is comparatively more cost-effective than buying a butcher's shop, as no initial investment is necessary. However, monthly rent payments are due and the scope for setting up and using the premises is always dependent on the agreements in the rental agreement.

Unrestricted freedom of choice, on the other hand, is achieved by buying a butcher's shop. The property then becomes the property of the buyer, who can henceforth determine the furnishings and design of the premises. However, at the same time all costs for possible renovation work are incurred.