Why do people hate Toronto

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Earlier this week a man drove a car into a crowd in Toronto. It's slowly becoming clearer: He could be an INCEL. The sociologist Andreas Kemper explains this movement and the game designer Jennifer Scheurle talks about INCELs in the game scene.

A Facebook post from the alleged perpetrator suggests that he is a misogynist. Investigations by the Canadian police indicate that he may belong to a community that is abbreviated to INCELs - Involuntary Celibate, people who are involuntarily celibate. These are misogynists who come together on the net.

Multiple levels of misogyny

Andreas Kemper is a sociologist and explains that misogyny is not a new topic, but the manifestations are always different. One can distinguish three levels:

  • individual misogyny
  • Discrimination against women, which is also about privileges
  • Anti-feminism, that is, quasi anti-anti-discrimination
"Groups where misogyny comes into play are usually very far-right and racist."
Andreas Kemper, sociologist

Racists are usually hostile towards women or homosexuals, explains the sociologist. The misogyny is as strong as ever. In his opinion, anti-feminism has increased with the success of feminism.

"The anti-feminists feel they have their backs against the wall and are now trying to save the last thing."
Andreas Kemper, sociologist

"Women who are not in a relationship don't get in the car and drive people around, but men do it. That is already part of the conception of masculinity," says Kemper. He is part of a men's movement that wants to break with the image of the "soldier man". This movement has already changed a lot and made men softer and more flexible, explains Kemper.

INCELs in the gamer scene

Jennifer Scheurle lives in Australia and works as a game designer. She came into contact with the subject of INCELs years ago. That is a trend in the gamer world. She knows this movement in connection with the Gamergate. Men in particular had accused that women only get better reviews for their games if they sleep with game journalists for it.

"Forums in these INCEL groups contain threats of rape or murder against women."

Scheurle explains that there must be groups that deal with young men and teach them how to build good relationships. Because the threats of the INCELs have to be taken seriously.

  • The wrath of the computer gamers | Games are also women’s business. Nevertheless: Especially in the USA, players and developers have to live with insults and massive threats.
  • Guys who riot against women online | As soon as the media, on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere talk about women's rights, they step on the scene: men who feel disadvantaged.
  • When you are annoyed | There are men who create an atmosphere against women's issues on the Internet. For example, you are allergic to reports of sexual harassment against women.