Why is fast driving fun

Ride the future: Turbo Boost

In many ways, that little button on the right handlebar is VanMoof's secret of success. You can still make a more groundbreaking e-bike packed with tech, it's not fun to ride, people look elsewhere. Fortunately, the improved Turbo Boost of the S3 & X3 ensures fun in the boredom and puts a smile on everyone's face. All with just a little black button.

For those of you who have not yet experienced a VanMoof e-bike (and seriously: what is stopping you from doing it? Book a test ride now!) The Turbo Boost offers well-measured immediate acceleration by maximizing the engine torque. In nerdig: You suddenly have 59 Nm of power that brings you up to top speed. And in high German: It's very, very fast.

Of course, we would not only advocate driving fast for the sake of speed, because with the Turbo Boost you cannot drive faster than the regional-specific speed limit allows. Still, the instant speed at the tip of your thumb allows for numerous practical benefits during your daily ride.

Cope with the difficult slope? The Turbo Boost of the S3 & X3 brings you up like no other. Cross a busy intersection? The additional acceleration brings you to the other side of the street in good time. Still taking the green wave with you? With the Turbo Boost you are right at the front and not in the meantime jostling elbows. Hit by a surprising headwind? The Turbo Boost turns a difficult storm into a light breeze.

There are many relevant applications to list, and our drivers keep surprising with new ways to outsmart their commuter traffic. But we'd be lying if we didn't admit that Turbo Boost is just plain fun! Riding the most advanced e-bike in the world with maximum motor torque is a feeling that is difficult to put into words, but we will do our best.

Now you have the pedal power you've always dreamed of, just as if your legs had developed secret superpowers overnight. Your commute to work has become a real Mario Kart game, except that limited mushroom power-ups are a thing of the past. You begin by obsessively comparing your commutes and figuring out how seconds of your daily A-to-B could be saved. Most of all, you learn to enjoy the sardonic looks of lycra clad drivers as you slide past them with a smile.

And again, we're just scratching the surface. The Turbo Boost is not only functional, it is fun and catapults the new Electric VanMoof S3 & X3 to the top of the competition. Try it out - we guarantee that the Turbo Boost can no longer be switched off for you.

Shift up a gear with the new electric one VanMoof S3 & X3, and book yours now Test drive.