Shepard Smith is a Republican

Trump complains about the "serious mistakes" made by Fox News

The conservative TV broadcaster is considered to be the US president's line-loyal medium. Now the intimate relationship is fragile.

Martin Kilian, Washington

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News is considered a trusted organ of Trumpism. Mostly true to the line, the TV broadcaster has so far accompanied the president through his term of office, a hunchback medium and at the same time a huge agitprop machine. Fox News, that was Donald Trump.

Recently, however, there has been a crunch in the relationship. Not only do cheeky Fox presenters like Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace sometimes allow themselves a lese majesty by openly criticizing Trump on their TV shows. Last week, the TV broadcaster's opinion polls did even more unheard of. They released a poll according to which Trump would lose the presidential election to both Joe Biden and his rivals Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris - a political snapshot only, but enough to get the president going.

"I decide where to go in the really big debates, I think we will have three of them."

Donald Trump

Fox had "become very different than before," complained Trump on Sunday. Because "my best surveys always came from Fox". But now the station is making Ā«serious mistakesĀ», complained the President. At prime airtime - breakfast television and evening programs - presenters such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, as well as the particularly true-to-the-line morning round "Fox & Friends", continue to cheer the president. But it's true: During the day, Trump is criticized.

Internal numbers are a cause for concern

On Monday, the offender then followed up: "Despite all the fake news, my polls are great," tweeted Trump, referring to "new internal surveys". Their numbers are "the best we have ever had". Unfortunately not: it is the internal, not publicly accessible surveys in particular that concern Trump's staff. They show that the president is currently in bad shape in indispensable states in the Midwest. And even in Republican strongholds like Texas and Georgia, the internal surveys don't paint a rosy picture.

The president needs the Fox News media howitzer more than ever, alone, it no longer really wants to fire for him. Sometimes Trump complained about too many Democrats populating the screen of his house channel, sometimes he was annoyed that the channel hired the democratic strategist Donna Brazile as a commentator.

A small competitor remains loyal

The President was so annoyed that he even threatened Fox News with consequences for the TV debates of the two presidential candidates in the coming year: "I decide where the really big debates go, I think we will have three of them", so Trump. The fact is, the president doesn't have much to say about the TV debates with his Democratic challenger in the fall of 2020. Because a non-party commission sets their dates and determines which TV stations hold the debates.

The occasional insubordination of his house channel has apparently so disturbed Trump that he has recently even recommended the competition: "Watching fake news on CNN is better than watching Shepard Smith, who has the worst ratings on Fox News," Trump said of the occasional critical Fox presenter. "In general, I switch on OANN whenever possible," the President etched. OANN stands for One America News Network, an even more conservative TV channel than Fox News, which Donald Trump is unwaveringly loyal to. However, OANN does not even reach half as many viewers as Fox News.

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