What's your life without a BMW

BMW M8 GC Competition: life without compromise

As an M8 Competition, the BMW Grand Coupé manages an impressive balancing act between super sports car and noble glider. Now everything depends on the driver. The thing with the super sports car is unlikely to meet with unanimous approval. Sure, the Grand Coupé is not a Lambo Huracan, even as an M8 Competition.

In comparison, there would be nothing for the Munich-based driver on a race track. But life is no more a racetrack than a pony farm. And apart from these extremes, the BMW is a super sports car in view of its sheer performance, the technical finesse or the high effort in motorsport-relevant details such as cooling, oil supply or chassis.

We took the M8 GC with us to Croatia - here it was allowed to play in the new image film of the Hotel Relais & Chateaux Meneghetti. A perfect appearance!

A small excerpt: The system of the central cooling module includes an additional engine cooler and a separate transmission cooler, the oil sump has a front sump that serves as a volume buffer. And the landing gear? My dear swan, a novel could be written about that alone. But it's a shame about the time, maybe the fact that the interaction of the drive system, chassis and aerodynamics of all M8 models has been coordinated on three test tracks will do. Nordschleife included.

Pretty cool family of 8, thereforewhich has taken on considerable proportions in the form of coupé, convertible and even grand coupé. All of them are available in more or less civilian versions, the "Competition" ribbon can be tied around any model. The Grand Coupé takes on the role of the big, serious and distinguished Edel-8's. Longer, wider and higher than that Coupe it fulfills this role in a visually impressive way. Its stretched silhouette is therefore the most beautiful thing you can currently see on any car in the world.

This also applies to the interior, to a lesser extent, because digital displays and Head-Up Display a dream in terms of overview, but are largely free of charms. Everything else has charm, namely that of a luxury loft. Full leather, seat air conditioning, heated armrests, sun blinds, Bowers & Wilkins Sound system, 4-zone automatic air conditioning and so much more. At this point, too, a novel would end up. “Super sports car” would not come to mind as a title ad hoc, but if you press one of the two red M buttons on the steering wheel, you are entering a new world, so to speak.

Appropriate occupancy of the M key provided. Virtually everything can be configured in the M8 Grand Coupé Competition. Power distribution, DSC, steering characteristics, adaptive chassis, braking system, all-wheel drive, sound. If you set everything to be bad, it will also be bad. The 4.4 liter V8 Twin Turbo roars out its power, 625 PS and 750 Newton meters make even astronauts pale while the 8-speed M Steptronic the corridors are rather insensitive. No curve in which the 8 does not peck like chewing gum on a shoe. There are no limits, so there are, but can only be discovered with suicidal intentions.

If you have this phase behind you, you press the second M key. It would make sense to provide maximum comfort, the metamorphosis from athlete to glider is simply sensational. The price starts at EUR 210,642.00, our “All-in” test car amounted to EUR 252,378.00.



What he can do:

1000 functions and still very easy to use.


What he can't:

Diving. Otherwise everything works.


We would change:

The color. “Ametrine metallic” sounds better than it looks.


There is extra praise:

The sound of the V8.



Data BMW M8 Gran Coupé Competition
Engine: 8-cylinder bi-turbo gasoline engine
Power: 625 hp
Max. Torque: 750 Nm at 1800 rpm
Test consumption: 11.2 liters
Vmax: 305 km / h
0 to 100 km / h: 3.2 seconds
Price from EUR 210,642.00


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