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Sherlock without Watson: What is it about Martin Freeman's exit?

An order for Season 5 Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch is more likely than ever. Martin Freeman's return as Watson has been questioned by certain sources. What's up

Sherlock's future is still uncertain at this point in time. According to preliminary Rumors about the confirmation of a 5th season showrunner and Mycroft actor Mark Gatiss rowed back and referred to this as complete nonsense. The conditions for a continuation of the BBC series are possibly made more difficult by internal disagreements among the actors. Watson actor Martin Freeman said that, due to the strong negative reactions from fans to season 4, he would not mind if the series completed would be. Leading actor Benedict Cumberbatchwas much more open compared to a 5th season.

On various pages you can currently read that this could possibly be developed with Cumberbatch, but without Freeman. We clarify what tangible information there is about the 5th season of Sherlock and Martin Freeman's involvement.

A fifth season of Sherlock is still uncertainly pending

For example, an article by Devdiscourse suggests that Season 5 of Sherlock might without Martin Freeman is being developed. Allegedly he refused the offer to play his role as Watson again. The article draws these conclusions mainly from the alleged dispute between the two main actors, which is said to have led to the professional relationship between Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch tense be.

In fact, some statements were premature headlines, the taken out of context were. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Martin Freeman stated that he was still a big fan of his own series and only alluded to the extremely exaggerated expectations of the fans who wanted to make Sherlock something that the creators and Actors on the series are reluctant.

While the Watson actor would not necessarily fight for a 5th season, his comments by no means mean that he Never play Watson again becomes. In this regard, it should also be mentioned that any guesswork about Sherlock's future is only about unconfirmed considerations acts. Both the broadcaster BBC, the showrunners Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat as well as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been in the last few months no new information commented on the state of the 5th season of Sherlock.

Would you watch season 5 of Sherlock without Martin Freeman as Watson?