Uninformed people should vote

Corona-vaccinated people should be allowed to go into shops from Saturday without a test

On May 4, the Federal Cabinet decided that exemptions from the corona measures should be set up for those vaccinated against Covid-19 and those who have recovered from the disease. Vaccinated and convalescent people should then be treated legally like people with a negative corona test, even without a test.

The Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to approve the Federal Government's ordinance. The vote in the parliaments is expected this week, the Bundestag should already discuss it on Wednesday, May 5th. Then the exemptions could apply from Saturday, May 8th.

Vaccinated people could go to stores without being tested

For example, vaccinated and convalescent people will no longer have access bans, for which a negative test result would normally be a prerequisite for access. The regulation should then allow them to visit shops, zoos, botanical gardens, hairdressers and podiatrists again from the weekend without having to submit a negative test result.

Exceptions and exemptions also for private meetings

In addition, vaccinated and recovered people should also be able to meet privately without restrictions in the future. The previous restrictions (meeting only one other person from another household) continue to apply, but the vaccinated and convalescent do not count as “another person”.

Exit restrictions should no longer apply to vaccinated and convalescent people. In addition, the previous quarantine obligations no longer apply. Only if a vaccinated or recovered person has been in contact with a person who is sick with a corona mutation that is not yet widespread in Germany do vaccinated and convalescent persons also have to be in quarantine.

Proof with vaccination certificate

Vaccinated persons should then show their vaccination certificate, such as their vaccination certificate, as proof. At the European level, an electronic vaccination certificate is currently being prepared - although there are currently still major safety concerns. The exceptions apply to people who are fully vaccinated and have all vaccine doses behind them. After the last required individual vaccination, at least 14 days should have passed before the relief takes effect. Currently only the vaccines approved in the EU are recognized. A vaccination with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, for example, should not provide any relief for the time being.

According to the ordinance, those who have recovered need a “recovery certificate” made out in their name. This should provide evidence that an infection has been overcome. The test that an infection was present should be at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago.

Mask requirement remains

For those who have been vaccinated and recovered, however, the requirement that mouth and nose protection must be worn should continue to apply. Likewise, the distance requirement in public space remains for everyone. The exceptions do not apply during this period to people who have symptoms of a corona infection - regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or have recovered.

No impact on openings or customer restrictions

The planned regulation has no direct impact on closed restaurants, concert halls or cinemas. These will remain closed for the time being and those who have been vaccinated will not be able to visit restaurants or cinemas. Any opening of currently closed companies or facilities must be decided by other, separate legal regulations. Restrictions and regulations regarding the number of customers per square meter in shops are also unaffected by the exemptions.

The exceptions now available for vaccinated and convalescents relate exclusively to entry requirements that require a negative test, exit restrictions, quarantine obligations, contactless individual sports and private get-togethers.