How will Rafale Jets help India

Eurofighter out of the running - India buys 126 Rafale fighter jets

One of the biggest military deals in history is about to be concluded: The French company Dassault will supply India with 126 Rafale fighter jets. India has thus decided against its biggest competitor, the Eurofighter Typhoon. Although the contract has not yet been signed, it is currently in a phase of "exclusive negotiations". However, a few details still have to be clarified before the contract, the volume of which is estimated at 7.6 billion euros, can be signed. The negotiations are not expected to be concluded until the end of March at the earliest, said India's Defense Minister Arackaparambil Kurien Antony.

There is great joy in France: "This is good news for our aviation and defense industries," said Foreign Trade Secretary Pierre Lellouche. Should the trade come about, it would be the first export of the Rafale jet. In the end, the decisive factor was not only the price (the unit costs of a Rafale are significantly lower than those of the Eurofighter) but also the experience of the Indian army with French planes. The Indian air forces already have Mirage jets (also from Dassault) in use and are very satisfied with them, as a source from the Indian Ministry of Defense told Reuters.

For Eurofighters, the failure in India is a major setback. As early as December, a billion-dollar order was left empty-handed, when Japan decided in favor of American F-35 machines. Dassault's shares rose 20 percent after the decision for the Rafale was announced. (flew,, January 31, 2012)