Is stock trading compatible for everyone?

Stock market software: manage stocks and track stock prices


With good stock exchange software you can manage your shares, react immediately to changing share prices and make big profits on the stock market. We have found out for you which tools are particularly useful for beginners and experts.

Stock Market Software: Manage Stocks and Track Stock Prices: The 8 Most Popular Free Downloads - Sorted by Popularity

For stock trades - and above all to avoid bad investments and large losses, stock exchange programs are very useful. After all, you want to make big profits and the right software can help you with clear information and all kinds of assistance functions. Trading stocks, however, is extremely complex and you may be looking for a program that allows you to enter the world of stocks trading. No matter what drives you to go public, there is something for everyone in the tools we have presented below.

  1. Guidants offers beginners and professionals a comprehensive and mobile stock market software
  2. With eToto you can trade stocks without an internet connection
  3. You will receive your personal coach in the nextmarkets online trading app
  4. TraderFox stock market software: DAX and share prices at a professional level
  5. For whom the investment in paid stock exchange software is worthwhile

Guidants offers beginners and professionals a comprehensive and mobile stock market software


Guidants makes stock trading mobile. The app offers a comprehensive overview of the stock market and stocks and helps you to make the best deals.

Stock trading is now easily possible with just a smartphone, without having to constantly follow the stock exchange prices on the PC. Guidants offers you all the important information in one app for free. The menu is divided into several tabs and includes, among other things, your private area, in which you manage your stock transactions. With the app you can buy and sell shares at any time, which opens up lightning-fast options for action thanks to the real-time mapping of the stock market. Push messages inform you about sudden changes of course.

You can trade, for example, securities, bonds, foreign exchange, leverage products and DAX securities. At the beginning, beginners are allowed to experiment with a virtual securities account (securities account) and take their first steps in the equity business. If you wish, you can get tips from stock market experts directly in the app or research the large pool of current stock market and business news.

If you wish, you can expand Guidants with the Pro version to enable further analysis methods. However, you should only do this if you really want to get into the stock market business professionally. Otherwise, the free app gives you really good stock market software that enables beginners and professionals to trade stocks comfortably without being too complex.

With eToto you can trade stocks without an internet connection


The eToro app is aimed at stock market experts as well as interested private investors. Both target groups are offered over 2,000 financial instruments.

Just like Guidants, eToro is tailored for Android and iOS phones. Basically, both apps are similar in many areas. With eToro you also get access to current stock market events with over 2,000 assets from various companies. In addition, the market is represented in real time, navigation between the tabs is quick and easy, and stocks can be bought and sold with just a few clicks. And yes, industry giants such as Microsoft, Twitter and Google are also represented here as companies.

You trade with your specially created account, which you top up by bank transfer or credit card. And eToro also gives beginners a short grace period, this time with a virtual deposit of around 100,000 US dollars (approx. 88,500 euros). Insights into market research analysis and expert tips are also included.

A difference to guidants is the possibility of offline trading. So you can carry out certain transactions even when the app is being serviced or without a valid internet connection. In terms of operation, we find eToro a little more comfortable than Guidants, but Guidants scores with more analysis tools. If we had to make a classification, we would recommend gudiants for experienced shareholders and eToro for beginners. The price does not play a role in your decision, both apps are free in the basic version.

You will receive your personal coach in the nextmarkets online trading app

nextmarkets online trading

The stock exchange software nextmarkets Online Trading takes a slightly different approach: You get a coach who helps you with stock deals.

Nextmarkets Online Trading is even more beginner-friendly. We especially recommend this app to those who really go public without any prior knowledge. Why this app? Because nextmarkets Online Trading provides you with one of 14 different trading coaches who will advise you on your stock transactions. Every coach has a very specific specialty, so you can consciously focus on a strategy here.

The coaches will then contact you in the app, give you tips and present their analyzes to you. You can even take over the share purchases and actions of these coaches one-to-one for your account and act according to the swarm principle. Optionally, you make the decisions yourself. It's good that the app gives you the choice here, because even an expert can be wrong every now and then.

Understandably, nextmarkets Online Trading also offers the usual insight into thousands of share prices, current stock market events and informs you in real time about the development of the DAX and Co. while you are doing your business. As always, beginners can start with a virtual depot - this time with 10,000 euros - and some tools for advanced methods are also made available to you. For these, however, you should first gain experience with initial stock transactions.

Despite Coach, trading stocks remains a speculative business where profits are never really guaranteed. But nextmarkets online trading is a very good choice for everyone who wants to venture into the stock market but who previously feared major losses. The coach definitely gave us security in the test. As you might have guessed, the free app is available for iOS and Android.

TraderFox stock market software: DAX and share prices at a professional level

TraderFox stock market software

The complete package TraderFox stock exchange software offers investors and shareholders all the important tools for stock exchange trading, including 12,000 real-time prices.

So far we have mainly focused on the smartphone. No wonder, after all, stock transactions require that you always have the stock market prices in view and can act immediately. Our last tip called TraderFox stock market software is also compatible with the PC. You can still react quickly to a change of course, because if you decide on a paid subscription, the developers give you free access to the TraderFox Pro app for Android and iOS.

Above all, TraderFox is a very good choice for all stock market experts, less so for beginners. Not only the complex menu structure, but also many tools specially developed for complex stock market strategies are tailored to those for whom Depot, Trader and "CAN SLIM" or "Neo-Darvas" are no strangers. TraderFox is also significantly more extensive than the previously mentioned apps: the stock market software lists over 8,000 European and American stocks. Push-up messages, emails or the Telegram messenger will again inform you about fluctuations.

Nevertheless, you also use some help at TraderFox. Ready-made desktops are tailored to specific strategies and make virtual stock trading easier for you. The "Trader Wingman" is at your side with advice and assistance as well as analyzes. In general, the scope is enormous and significantly larger than with some other stock market software. But that also has its price. Because every quarter you have to pay a double-digit amount for the complete package. And even if you don't have much knowledge of the stock market, we can tell you: This business is only worthwhile if you really want to trade stocks regularly in the future.

For whom the investment in paid stock exchange software is worthwhile

Which brings us to the question of how expensive good stock market software is. Our first three tips actually give a good answer to that. Even for regular trading on the stock exchange, free apps such as Guidants, nextmarkets Online Trading or eToro are always suitable and, surprisingly, some are even very beginner-friendly. If you are still undecided after our explanations, we advise you to download all three tools. Then you can try to your heart's content which one suits you best. But don't forget that you still have to invest money for the actual speculative transactions.

Experts and stock market veterans get a lot of added value with TraderFox. Here you get significantly more tools and can also implement complex trading strategies more easily and conveniently. You have to decide for yourself whether this is worth the price for you. With the right investment strategy, however, professionals will surely have quickly offset the costs with profits.

But doing business on the stock market and trading stocks is always a risky game. Yes, you can win a lot of money here, but you can also lose a lot of money. Speculative transactions are always a strategic form of gambling, even with a stock exchange program. So think carefully about whether and how you want to invest your money in stocks. For example, we give you a few alternative investment tips for cryptocurrencies.

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