How will I unlock my Facebook account?

Facebook account unlawfully blocked

For some time now, Facebook has been cracking down on hate speech. If an account violates the terms of use, there is a risk of blocking for up to 30 days. However, Facebook users can defend themselves against unlawful blocking.

Facebook account locked: what you should be aware of

Just a few years ago, the world's largest social network, Facebook, seemed to be a gathering place for identity fraud and hate speech. For several months now, the company has been taking decisive action against violations of the terms of use and blocking entire accounts. Xenophobia is one of the most common reasons for temporary account locks on Facebook. These can also take place if the hate speech is not unconstitutional and covered by the right to express one's opinion (LG Frankfurt, decision of 10.09.2018, Az. 2-03 O 310/18). Whether legal proceedings lead to the faster release of a blocked account depends on the ultimate reason for the blocking.

All the important facts about blocked Facebook profiles at a glance:

  • If the Facebook account is blocked, the user will be informed of this the next time he tries to log in.
  • Hate comments are the most common reason for blocked Facebook profiles.
  • When contesting such decisions, Facebook makes use of the right to freedom of occupation (according to Article 12 of the Basic Law).
  • Users defend themselves by invoking freedom of expression (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Clause 1, 1 of the Basic Law).

This happens when the Facebook account is blocked

In legal proceedings to block Facebook accounts, the group can invoke the law for the protection of occupational freedom (according to Art. 12 GG), which protects the interests of the company in its own platform. So Facebook invokes the right to that To be able to determine the content of his platform himself - Xenophobic comments and false identities are not included. After all, most users do not want to come across partially illegal content, xenophobia or even an illegal copy of their own profile while browsing. If the suspicion arises that a false identity is faked and no scan of the identity card is presented afterwards, Facebook can also do all of them Permanently delete account data.

Don't panic if your Facebook profile is blocked

In the case of hateful comments and the public sharing of other content that Facebook does not want, the group usually resorts to a temporary blocking of the account. The user in question can no longer log in. The reason and the duration of a block will be displayed the next time you log in after the block. If the account is blocked for 30 days, the easiest solution is to wait. If the user feels restricted in his right to freedom of expression (according to Art. 5, Paragraph 1, Clause 1, 1st Hs. GG), a court can weigh up the interests of the group and those of the user and, if necessary, have the decision set aside. The motivation of the submitted comment plays a major role in the decision.

If you think that Facebook is restricting your rights and you have been banned for 30 days or more for no reason, you will hardly get anywhere without a lawyer in the case of hate speech. The group itself only allows the user to raise objections when accounts are blocked due to supposedly false identities. In a initial telephone consultation Our KLUGO experts will tell you how you can contest decisions made by Facebook with regard to your account in individual cases.

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