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SKIT: One night in a strange city German translation
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SKIT: One night in a strange city Lyrics translation

Ji-min: It's late every day.
Jean: Yes, Jimmin, please.
Jay Hop: A word for you, really.
Sugar: A word from the bartender.
Jimin: Okay, I'll tell the leader.
Vu: Hey, come on late.
RAP MONSTER: Open Jung Ho-Seok
Ji-min: Coming is coming.
Gin: Hey, I came.
Sugar: Say a word, Ji Min.
Ji-min: Let's get rid of it
Zucker: I need a word from Nam-Joon.
RAP MONSTER: Say something.
JHOP: Hey, I'm here.
Lab Monster: My name keeps going.
Vu: A word from your brother Jimin
Ji-min: I've been thinking about it. Don't you think it isn't?
Jay Hop: What not?
Ji-min: Don't you think it's too late these days?

Vu: What did you say? night
Sugar: I think I can do enough for a leader.
JHOP: I have no idea.
Politics: leaders can be late
Vu: Leader brother may be late.
RAP Monster: Aren't you a person?
Ji-min: Why are you doing this to me?
Vu: what are you
Jeongguk: Nam-joon is a privilege of the leader.
Gene: Yeah, how much trouble does a leader have?
Ji-min: I'm sorry
Vu: This is a really hard working guy.
Ji-min: I think I got it wrong.
Zucker: Yeah, it's a lot of trouble.
Vu: I'm sorry, I'm the same friend.
Wrap Monster: It's hard today
RAP MONSTER: shoulder awake
Vu: It's over now.
JHOP: Are you okay with your shoulders?
RAP MONSTER: I don't know
Jung-Kuk: Oh, I almost fell asleep.
Gene: If so, I might for some reason.
RAP MONSTER: You washed and fell asleep.
Static: Oh, really
JHOP: It was difficult.
Gin: Take a seat on the floor.
RAP MONSTER: If I saw a guy like that he would die, so he didn't sing.
Jeongguk: Ah, but if you are a boy
Vu: Oh, I don't know.
RAP Monster: It looks like it's getting heavier.
Vu: Ah, Gilzipanma
Rap Monster: How hard it was
Jay Hop: Not getting it right
Gin: Yes, that's right.
JHOP: But it was a great success today.
Jeongguk: I liked it.
JHOP: It was a great success.
Vu: Oh, but the real hit is the dancer.
RAP MONSTER: But unless you put Ani Ju a Jeju girl in this thing
I couldn't even imagine what it would be like.
J-Hop: Sugar brother, I didn't do the rap at first.
RAP MONSTER: Sugar Brother has no rap at all?
Gene: Just Mike.
Vu: Sugar, you just do this.
Zucker: Mine, mine, I said, I have a word.
Please excuse me a word
RAP MONSTER: You're doing it because you want to.
Sugar: No, if you don't, you don't even do it.
J: Don't you have a voice, no juniors?
Sugar: Ah, Anna and Anna
JHOP: I'm sure it's really good.
Ji-min: I feel good.
I will follow you all together.
RAP MONSTER: There were a lot of people on stage.
Gene: Yes, if you look at it, we have a good look at it.
But now let's practice the noomol dream in the practice room now.
Ji-min: I don't want, I won't go back.
Gin: I'm glad I opened my eyes. How do you feel?
Vu: Oh, then I just have to go the other way.
Gene: Yeah, go back to the big ones
RAP MONSTER: Oh, wait a minute, RedSoon, you've got a chicken breast now
Gin: Oh no no no no
RAP MONSTER: With the chicken breast in the Cold Lock & Lock container
Vu: I pin the real scene with salt
Gin: No, no, no, no
Lap Monster: I'm a drug head
Gene: It's always a dream.
Zucker: Ah, but it could be a real dream.
RAP MONSTER: But sometimes it's like a dream.
Zucker: No, no, but not that.
JHOP: Don't be ominous.
Lab Monster: I ate Worldcone once
I'm going on a world tour now.
Jean: I feel a lot of art.
Rap Monster: Aaaaohon
Sugar: I'll do this right.
Zucker: Oh, but it could be a real dream.
There are a lot of good singers out there.
After one song is good I think the next is more important, actually I'm a little nervous.
Chin: There's something in this buddy vibe.
Rap Monster: Suddenly almost a small Titanic
It's about to go under.
Gene: Yeah, it's overturned.
JHOP: I'm telling you this shiny shit.
No title
Vu: Once you have a dream, you can make a good title.
Gin: yeah
Vu: Well, did you get me? Don't you think I should get another big hit again?
Jeongguk: When you get hurt
RAP MONSTER: It's real, you just have to sleep.
Gene: Yeah, you sleep better.
Ji-min: I don't usually say a word.
Rap Monster: I would like to ask Hope about it.
One word, this musician expectation is flat
Jean: How about a jump?
JHOP: I think it will work.
Gin: I'm sorry.
Vu: Shut up and shut up.
JHOP: That won't be.
RAP MONSTER: But guys.
But our youth will shine when we go to Korea
Room Pidy and Blood Dragon are preparing a great track.
And we just have to put it on.
They put oil on them.
Ji-min: Why is it all of a sudden?
Gin: That's right, we have to worry about it.
RAP MONSTER: Oh, but I'm worried.
Gin: Oh why
RAP MONSTER: Oh, but I don't think I really care.
Today I saw something like this in front of 5000 people.
Jay Hop: Seven thousand.
RAP MONSTER: 7,000 people?
Sugar: 6 thousand
RAP MONSTER: We have 7,000 people in front of us right now.

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