When is Harry Potter's birthday

Harry Potter films: Canasta instead of Cruciatus: Harry Potter is celebrating its 40th birthday

The Dursleys prided themselves on being perfectly normal. Very proud. With these words about the hated aunt and uncle begins the magical adventure of Harry Potter. A half-giant fetches him, the chosen one, from a dusty cupboard in Privet Drive and takes him to Hogwarts Magic Boarding School on a flying motorcycle. There Harry chases breakneck through the air on his broom and saves the mysterious magical world from evil. Normal is different. However, those days are over. The villain Lord Voldemort is dead, the story is told after seven volumes. But Harry is alive - just like the magical parallel world that J. K. Rowling has created. This occupies the millions of readers even 13 years after the publication of the last volume.

Magical birthday: Harry Potter turns 40 years old

On Friday, for example, magic fans from all over the world celebrate Harry's birthday. Rowling mentions this in all volumes. However, the author only ever names the day and month - namely July 31st. There is no information about Harry's year of birth. As usual, Rowling hid clues in her books.

For example, in the second book, one of the ghosts at Hogwarts celebrates the 500th anniversary of his death. His death date, October 31, 1492, is written on a cake. Harry is twelve years old at this point in the book. Smart fans have now calculated: Harry was born in 1980. So now is his 40th birthday. Congratulations! What will his birthday party look like?

By now, by the age of 40, he should have finally packed the broom into the closet. A spectacular excursion through the air falls flat. Evil too is defeated, Voldemort and the Death Eaters are history. A new adventure is therefore rather unlikely. After all, the chosen one has long been down-to-earth, married and the father of three children, as Rowling reveals in her epilogue.

Quite normal: How will Harry Potter spend his 40th birthday?

The chances of meeting Harry and his wife Ginny on the terrace in front of their own house today are probably very good. Ron and Hermione came to play canasta. There is coffee and cake. Harry's eldest son James Sirius proudly shares his adventures in his training to become an Auror.

The second son, Albus Severus, complains about the stress at school at Hogwarts. Daughter Lily Luna dyed her hair blue and raves about herbalism with teacher Neville Longbottom. All is well. Harry strokes his lightning-shaped scar and realizes that it hasn't hurt in 22 years.

And also at the risk that Harry will probably get the pain into his forehead again at the thought of the hated Dursleys even without Voldemort's presence: Maybe he, the chosen one, the father of the family, is now proud to be completely normal be.

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