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Many of you probably know Pocky! Pocky are thin cookie sticks that are coated with chocolate. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Pocky is called mikado (even sold by the same company Ezaki Glico). They are produced in Europe by De Beukelaer. There are now 3 standard types of Mikado in Europe (milk chocolate, semi-sweet, white chocolate). There are numerous variations of Pocky in Japan! I want to feature as many as possible on this blog. 😉

This is the standard version of Pocky with mild chocolate. However, they taste a little sweeter than our Mikado Zartherb version. I don't know if blindfolded I could tell Pocky from Mikado, but you can taste the difference. The aftertaste of the Pocky is a little different.

Incidentally, there are just as many pockies in one pack as there are in the mikado: approx. 75g.

Unfortunately, my pockies don't look so fresh anymore, and have probably melted a bit from the heat. Some stick together. They still tasted good.

Where can I buy Pocky?

The original version and strawberry pockys are often available in good assortments Asian stores to buy. About the Internet you can now order many varieties. However, the prices are higher than those of Mikado sticks. Depending on the variety, the Pocky cost 1.50 - 5 euros per pack. The high prices either come from the fact that it is a special (limited) variety or the Pockys were resold through several dealers and so the price kept getting higher.

Under Online Shops (in the footer of my blog) you will find a few shops that sell Pockys over the Internet or even on site in Germany. It's best to compare the prices and shipping so that you don't get annoyed afterwards. I love pocky and I'm happy to spend 3-5 euros per pack. For me they are something special and I am always happy when I have one new flavor discover that I don't know yet! It's kind of Collective fever! 😀

How many varieties are there?

There are well over 80 types of Pocky in Japan (my rough estimate). The varieties are partly after region and Season limitedas is the case with many foods in Japan. The reason for this is that when you travel you always bring souvenirs (omiyage) for family, friends and even colleagues. In summer, fruit varieties such as Mango Pocky are popular. In Hokkaido there is the Yubari Melon variety, in the Kyushu region there is Mikan Pocky and in Kyoto there is Pocky with azuki bean flavor.

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