Why should an infant need psychiatric services

Mother-child treatment

10-15% of mothers develop depression after having a child, around 1-2 out of 1000 women develop postpartum psychosis.

At our general psychiatric ward P4 in the Ludwig Noll Hospital, we take in mothers with these clinical pictures together with their babies. Mothers with a previously known psychiatric illness can also take their children up to the age of 1.

The aim is to avoid an early separation of mother and child in order to enable the mother to build relationships and self-confidence in dealing with her child despite her illness and the necessary therapy.
At the beginning of the therapy, an individual treatment plan is discussed with the mother. This should not only include sufficient time to care for the child, but also create the freedom for the mother, which she needs for recovery. Our treatment team takes care of the child during the mother's therapies.

The P4 ward of our clinic has two treatment places, whereby mother and child receive their own room with a cot and changing table, which is located in a quieter ward area.

If necessary, a local midwife or her own midwife can be called in. Any necessary medical care for the child can be provided by a resident pediatrician or by the children's clinic belonging to the clinic.

The health insurance pays the mother's treatment costs, while the mothers have to pay for baby food and diapers themselves.

We feel primarily responsible for citizens of the city and the district of Kassel.

Before admission, a preliminary talk and a tour of the station are usually carried out.