What was going on in Egypt yesterday


Egypt: train derailed - at least nine people die

Several wagons of a train have derailed near Cairo. At least eleven people were killed and around 100 injured. The last train accident in Egypt was only a few days ago. Another serious train accident occurred in Egypt ... more

Egypt: At least 20 dead in fire in textile factory in Cairo

Thick clouds of smoke can be seen above a textile factory near Cairo, and numerous fire fighters are on duty. At least 20 people are killed in the fire. In the event of a fire in a textile factory on the eastern outskirts of Cairo on Thursday ... more

Major fire in Cairo textile factory - 20 dead

A textile factory burned down in Egypt. Several people were killed and others injured in the flames. There have recently been frequent building fires in the country. In a fire in a textile factory on the eastern outskirts of Cairo on Thursday ... more

Libya: The next escalation is looming

Libya is to get a transitional government this week. This will hardly end the power struggle. In the background, elites and foreign powers are arming. Experts are concerned. These days there is a deceptive calm over Libya's desert landscape. Constantly ... more

More coffins near Cairo: archaeologists discover mortuary temples

Cairo (dpa) - In the necropolis of Saqqara near Cairo, archaeologists have discovered a mortuary temple, 50 other sarcophagi and various artifacts from ancient Egyptian times. According to the Ministry of Antiquities, this includes a four-meter-long papyrus with a ... more

Egypt's parliament approves military operation in Libya

Cairo decides to send military personnel to Libya. Conversely, attempts to mediate are coming from Europe in order to keep the situation under control. But the fighting on the border threatens to escalate. In Libya, the risk of a direct confrontation is growing ... more

Giza Pyramids reopened to tourists

The pyramids of Giza were closed to tourists for three months - now the famous buildings in Egypt can be visited again. However, there are many safeguards in place. After three months of closure due to the corona pandemic, Egypt on Wednesday ... more

Egypt: Oldest pyramid reopened to visitors

Pyramids are a popular tourist highlight for Egypt vacationers - including the Djoser pyramid. However, it has not been accessible to travelers since 2006. This has an end now. The oldest pyramid in Egypt from the time around 2,600 BC is ... more

Ancient sarcophagi of Egyptian high priests discovered

Archaeologists have discovered millennia-old graves with sarcophagi south of Cairo. Attached to them were grave figures and amulets made of gold. Egyptian archaeologists have discovered almost 3,000 year old graves of high priests with several stone and wooden sarcophagi ... more

"Lonely Planet": First place for under-developed land

For 2019, the "Lonely Planet" selected Sri Lanka as the best travel destination - ahead of Germany. For 2020, the well-known travel guide recommends a destination that has not yet been explored for tourism. In the "Best in Travel 2020" trend book, Bhutan ranks ... more

Egypt: Protests in several cities against President al-Sisi

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been ruling Egypt since 2013, and there are now protests. Also on Tahrir Square in Cairo, from which the overthrow of the dictator Mubarak once proceeded. The police took action against the demonstrators. In a protest action that is rare for Egypt ... more

Lufthansa resumes flights to Cairo

After a short break, Lufthansa flies back to Cairo this Sunday. "The flight operations from Frankfurt and Munich will be resumed as normal," said a company spokesman on Sunday morning in Frankfurt. According to him, start ... more

Former President: Egypt's ex-head of state Morsi dead

Cairo (AP) - Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi collapsed and died during a court case. The Egyptian public prosecutor said it ordered an investigation to determine the cause of death. Mursi ... more

Egypt: Archaeologists discover a burial chamber that is over 4000 years old

A well-preserved grave has been found in the necropolis of Saqqara near Cairo. Egyptian archaeologists are now presenting the chamber to the public. Egyptian archaeologists have found a more than 4,000 year old burial chamber in the necropolis of Saqqara south of Cairo ... more

Archaeologists discover sarcophagi with cat mummies

Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. Now Egyptian archaeologists have found sarcophagi that are thousands of years old - made for mummified cats and scarabs. Egyptian archaeologists have stone coffins for cat mummies and mummified ... more

Archaeologists find the village from before the pharaohs

Researchers from Egypt and France have excavated one of the oldest villages found to date in the Egyptian Nile Delta. The find is one of a series of recent discoveries. Archaeologists have discovered one of the oldest villages in the Egyptian Nile Delta ... more

Thousands of applications for family reunification to Germany

Refugees have been able to apply for family reunification again since the beginning of August. Thousands of appointment requests have been received since then. But the relatives face long waiting times. Most of the appointment requests for family reunification for those living in Germany ... more