What are the best diaries for 2020

Diary apps: The 3 best digital diaries for Android and iOS

With a diary app you can keep track of your life. Record important moments, create to-do lists or reminders. We'll show you the three best free diary apps for Android and iOS in the test.

Diary apps help us to bring order into our lives. They offer space for all the memories and planned errands for which there is no longer any room in our head. An app also has advantages over the classic "paper" diary. You can create almost unlimited entries and sort them comfortably. Photos and location markings give you a more personal touch and help you get a better overview. Cloud storage and encryption ensure that your entries are not lost and cannot be read by unauthorized persons. All in all, diary apps offer many advantages. Our test will show you which ones they are.

Diaro is a very tidy diary app. The layout is designed so that you can easily sort your entries and find them quickly. To do this, you assign tags that you have defined, assign the entries to folders you have created yourself and specify the location. With the mood tracker, you can record how you felt that day.

Diaro offers you various options to save your entries. You can save the files on your smartphone or transfer them to your Gmail account or a Dropbox. With the paid Pro version, you can even synchronize your entries with multiple devices. The ability to customize the diary app is also a great feature. The menu colors, the font size and the time format are customizable and over 30 different languages ​​are available. Diaro are available free of charge for Android and iOS. The app contains advertising, but it is barely noticeable at the bottom.

  • clear sorting system
  • synchronization
  • Encryption

Click here for the free diary app Diaro:

Daylio is the diary app for all numbers and statistics lovers. Instead of written entries, you only enter your mood, activity and optionally a short note. Under statistics You will then see your mood and activity history in various diagrams. So you can draw conclusions and optimize your everyday life so that you become happier.

Around Daylio To better suit you, you can set new moods and activities and rename old ones. Assigning a PIN protects the diary app from prying eyes and a backup via Google Drive ensures that your entries are never lost. Alternatively, you can save your data as a CSV document on your smartphone or print it out. Daylio are available free of charge for Android and iOS. The app contains advertising that is not intrusive.

  • detailed sentiment statistics
  • customizable
  • Encryption

Click here for the free diary app Daylio:

Penzu - The classic

The diary app Penzu presents itself in a simply elegant design. With the choice of colors or your own photo, you can give the cover of your diary more individuality. The entries are kept classic. You determine the title and date and write down whatever you want to record. Photos can also be added to each entry to complement the writing.

The diary function of Penzu is free. Many features such as encryption according to military standards, the reminder function and the ability to postpone entries for sorting cost you $ 4.99 a month or $ 19.99 a year. The English-language diary app is available for this purpose Penzu but otherwise completely free of charge for Android and iOS.

  • chic design
  • easy to use
  • Encryption according to military standards
  • mandatory registration
  • many functions are chargeable
  • in English

Click here for the free diary app Penzu:

Conclusion - our test result

In our diary app test, we presented you with three different approaches. Diaro offers you many possibilities to sort your entries. The app is therefore particularly suitable for those who make a particularly large number of entries and need a good overview. Daylio is the diary app for lovers of numbers and statistics. Here you only have to write a little and you can optimize your everyday life so that you become a little happier overall. Penzu on the other hand is a classic diary that you can write down and fill with pictures. Personally got us Diaro liked best because it is well organized and offers a lot of freedom in terms of entries.

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