How is the government tracking me online

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Anyone entering Germany from a corona risk area must fill out a digital entry form. This is free of charge - the Federal Ministry of the Interior points this out on the current occasion. It currently warns against websites that offer digital entry registration for a fee.

Free digital entry registration

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has identified websites that simulate the digital entry registration for travelers and transmit the data to the authorities. A fee is charged for this data. These pages are fakes. Further information can be found in a press release from the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The digital entry report is free of charge. To use the service is exclusively the website: to use. Only evidence from this website will be accepted during controls.

Entry SMS

Since March 1st, travelers have been informed by Corona SMS about the entry and infection protection regulations in force in the Federal Republic of Germany and informed about applicable infection protection measures.

Due to the pandemic, there are special regulations for entering Germany. Since March 1, 2021, the German mobile network operators have been sending current corona information from the federal government by short message to travelers on the basis of Section 36 (10) Sentence 1 Number 3 of the Infection Protection Act in conjunction with Section 8 of the Coronavirus Entry Ordinance.

Notes and duties

People entering the Federal Republic of Germany have received this text since March 1st:

The Federal Government: Willkommen / Welcome! Please note the test / quarantine rules; please follow the rules on tests / quarantine

Via the short link, travelers receive compact information about their obligations in connection with the coronavirus, i.e. quarantine and testing, as well as information on the main infection protection measures to be observed, for example the mask requirement. In addition, further information is available on the websites of the Federal Government, the Ministry of Health and the RKI.