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The big iOS vs. Android comparison - all facts in check

iOS vs. Android - the battle for market share

At the beginning of our big iOS vs. Android comparison, we would like to take a look at the market shares of the two competitors. It is noticeable that both together dominate an impressive 97.5 percent of the German smartphone market. For other alternatives like Windows Phone, there is hardly anything left of the pie. Android has established itself as the undisputed market leader. The Google operating system is featured on almost 82 percent of all smartphones in Germany. At least 15.6 percent are currently on iOS. The great advantage of Android in the battle for market share is certainly that the operating system is not only linked to a specific manufacturer, as is the case with Apple, but is used by different brands. Both iOS and Android have die-hard supporters who almost blindly swear by the respective system. But which variant is really better at the end of the day? We have the respective in our iOS vs. Android comparison Strengths and weaknesses examined closely.

iOS - the advantages

With iOS, everything comes from a single source. Hardware and software therefore harmonize perfectly with one another. Strict rules on iTunes ensure that apps for iOS devices such as the iPhone are particularly pleasant and intuitive to use for the user. Because strict guidelines have to be followed during development. When it comes to encryption and data protection, Apple is considered exemplary. For example, there is two-factor authentication for the iCloud. The updates are also exemplary. In this category, too, the Apple operating system wins our iOS vs. Android comparison. Because with appropriate updates, you can also Keep older devices up to date longer than the competition. As a result, the iPhone 4, for example, remained completely up-to-date for a full four years. Here is an overview of the most important iOS advantages:

  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Strictly tested, particularly easy-to-use apps
  • Exemplary in terms of encryption and data protection
  • Updates even after years

iOS - the disadvantages

A number of advantages are naturally offset by one or the other disadvantage. Many users are frightened by the high purchase price of Apple products on which the operating system is exclusively available. The fact that everything comes from a single source has not only positive, but also negative aspects. Innovations and fresh ideas have a harder time asserting themselves here. The variety of apps - especially free apps - is also available on iOS due to the strong restrictions nowhere near as big as on Android. Many users also complain that Apple devices are not sufficiently compatible with other devices. The most important disadvantages of iOS at a glance:

  • Only available on expensive Apple devices
  • Little room for outside innovations
  • Fewer (free) apps
  • Insufficient compatibility of the devices

How will the big competitor perform in our iOS vs. Android comparison?