Is socialism a form of anarchy

“'Anarchism' is often equated with chaos, disorganization and destruction - wrongly. For it is a form of socialism, since it is directed against capitalism and the landed property system. But on top of that it is also a libertarian, that is, a free form of socialism. In anarchism, individual freedom and individuality are extremely important; they unfold best in a context of democracy and equality. But individuals belong to different classes based on exploitation and power in today's systems of capitalism and landed property. To put an end to this situation it is necessary to wage the class struggle and seek a revolution so as to create a free socialist society that is not based on common property, self-government, democratic planning from below and one based on needs for profit production based. Only such a social order makes individual freedom possible. "

Do you want to know more? Here are a few personal tips about anarchist books and films that have impressed us the most and are more of an introduction to the subject.

Revolutionary class politics in anarchism and syndicalism
Lucien van der Walt / Michael Schmidt


Idea - history - perspectives
Horst Stowasser

This book and the personal encounter with Horst Stowasser were one of the starting points for the film Project A and is the best German-language introduction to the topic.

Ursula K. Le Guin

The anarchist classic from 1974. A utopian science fiction novel set 200 years after an anarchist revolution.


If people had stuck to the bolo timetable from 1983, we would all have been living in bolos long ago. The 40 hour week, national borders, air pollution and nuclear power plants would only be unpleasant memories. Unfortunately, the scenario did not occur and the planetary work machine (PAM) still rules and this little inspirational booklet remains more topical than ever.

Feature films

Ken Loach, 1995

In 1936 the English communist David decided to go to Spain to fight against the fascist coup under Franco. He experienced the turmoil of the war and the unequal struggle against the Franco troops as well as the internal conflicts on the republican side. The film is based on the equally readable war report “My Catalonia” by George Orwell.

Claude Faraldo, 1973

The painter Themroc's patience breaks. He bricked up the door of his Paris apartment, dismantled the outer wall with a sledgehammer and made a warming campfire out of his furniture. As a cannibalistic caveman, whom the police tear gas also seems to strengthen, he no longer knows any mercy.

David Fincher, 1999

Criticism of civilization with a difference. Tyler Durdon, dubious soap dealer, initiates the Chaos project and thus causes a lot of destruction to himself, to other people and to the capitalist consumer society. Not only his voice-over uses the anarcho-primitivist manual (if there was one).


LIVE THE UTOPIA! Anarchism in Spain
Juan A. Gamero, 1997

A film about the anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist movement before and during the Spanish Civil War. The film consists primarily of interviews with thirty anarchists who report on their experiences during this time. In addition to the historical aspect, the focus is on everyday life and self-administration.

Erik Gandini, 2003

Impressive and overwhelming images of the consumer society that surrounds us and in which we exist. Fortunately, though, the film comes with John Zerzan, the most famous proponent of primitivism, who questions the whole shit. All that remains is to find out what to do.

Samuel Luret & Damien Vercarmer, 2010

Greece, France, Denmark, Brazil or China - resolute resistance is stirring all over the world. Here the anger of young people, there criticism of social conditions, the uprising of those excluded from the system.
In 2009 alone, 524 riots were counted worldwide, and almost a third of them took place in Europe. All protests are carried out by young people who want to vent their displeasure with globalization.
An exciting film not only about the motives of the protesters.