How should t-shirts fit

Fashion tip: this is the perfect t-shirt for him

It is probably the most classic piece of clothing, along with jeans: the T-shirt. Probably everyone has the tried and tested basic part in their closet. But not all T-shirts are the same: With this cult classic you can go wrong with the cut or material. We give you tips for the perfect look.

A classic T-shirt is a fashionable favorite that can be combined with practically anything. But precisely because the basic garment is so simple, it should be well chosen. As is well known, one can argue about fashion and taste. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider so that you can find the perfect model and have something of your favorite piece for a long time.

The cut

No patch breast pockets, no rolled up or sewn sleeves, no frills: the perfect T-shirt has a simple cut in a classic T-shape. It sits close to the body, but not too tight - and casual, but not too loose. Such models can be found under the term "slim fit".

The length

The perfect T-shirt is neither too short nor too long - it ends just above the waistband and can either be tucked into the trousers without it slipping out again and again, or worn over the trousers so that the belt occasionally shines through.

The sleeves

For a perfect fit, the shoulder seam of the T-shirt should sit exactly at the outermost point of the shoulder. The sleeves shouldn't be too long, so don't cover half of the upper arms. It is best to end the sleeve in the hollow where the triceps and biceps begin. That's about a hand's breadth from the shoulder.

Raglan sleeves look particularly beautiful: With this shape, the sleeves are not sewn onto the body, but the cut includes the shoulders. The seams run diagonally into the collar seam up to the base of the neck, so they are like "one piece".

The collar

Fans of the V-neck should be really strong now: the evergreen from the wardrobe has a round neckline.

The color

Sure, tastes are different, but the cult classic is white - James Dean in "... because they don't know what they're doing" or Marlon Brando in "Der Wilde" have shown it: You can't go with simple blue jeans be badly dressed. If you don't like white, a t-shirt in black, gray or blue is just as timelessly chic.

The material

The classic is made of one hundred percent cotton - no stretch and, above all, no polyester. It should be finely woven and fall fluently - material that is too thick looks stiff. The cotton is best soft, light and a little transparent. Ideally, the material feels a little like cashmere. Alternatively, you can find the right model made of modal, a viscose fiber made from natural cellulose. Cotton with silk content is also an asset and very noble.

The quality

So that you have something of your all-rounder for a long time and it does not wear out too quickly, you should pay attention to high-quality processing. That doesn't mean you have to dig too deep into your pocket. The three-pack t-shirts for ten euros from the supermarket don't necessarily look bad, but it is questionable how fair and environmentally friendly these goods were. Another disadvantage: you can't try on the tops before buying. In any case, you should wash the new garment before wearing it for the first time.

The wearing comfort

Of course, it's not just the look that counts - after all, you should also feel comfortable in your favorite item. It shouldn't pinch, the collar shouldn't cut into your neck - in short: the perfect T-shirt is so comfortable that you want to wear it every day.

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