Why would anyone visit Carlisle UK

Carlisle, UK

For the people

As the urban population grows worldwide, there is increasing investment in land, real estate and infrastructure. When municipalities include architectural lighting in this investment, they are helping to create a unique identity for their cities. Whether by lighting a listed building or a modern structure, this investment allows locals to experience their city at night in a way they may never have seen before, creating a sense of belonging.

For tourism

Architectural lighting brings cities to life at night - it attracts tourists to urban spaces and areas with shops, bars or restaurants, thus increasing the time spent there. Lighting is a powerful marketing tool. Since lighting not only looks at architecture, but also landscapes, squares and gardens from a different perspective, it can be used to represent cities in different ways. For these reasons, lighting should play an important role in a city's tourism strategy.

Location: Carlisle

The "where"

Carlisle is an English city in the northern county of Cumbria, 16 km south of the border with Scotland. It is the largest city in England in terms of area and has a history spanning over 2000 years.

Founded as a Roman settlement with fortresses on Hadrian's Wall, it also served as a military stronghold in the Middle Ages and was once the home of Mary Queen of Scots (who was imprisoned in Carlisle Castle).

In the 12th century, Henry I built a small monastery in the city, which became a cathedral in 1133 and turned Carlisle into a city. In modern times, the city was better known for its textile and rail industries.

It is now a popular tourist spot as it sits between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Hadrian's Wall and the Lake District - with a tourism economy of around £ 552 million. In addition to the many historical sights, all kinds of art and cultural events take place in the city, from guided tours to ghost tours and comedy shows to music performances.

The why

One of the many events in the city of Carlisle is the brand new "City of Lights" event for 2020. As part of a four-day event, locals and tourists visit a variety of lighting installations and light art. This year the focus was on an exhibition on space at Carlisle Cathedral, which was created by the award-winning artistic collaboration "Luxmuralis".

The "City of Lights" event attracted locals and visitors alike, getting them excited about the local attractions that went unnoticed during the day, and they were proud of the buildings and structures around them.

That's why Cumbria County was inspired to launch a citywide lighting initiative. As part of this, new lights will be installed on important buildings in the city center so that the lighting can inspire all year round.