Why do I hate my mother

I hate my mom - what can I do?

Do you hate your mother? Even if you are already an adult, it will surely be difficult for you to endure. Read here what you can do about it.

It takes strength to hate your mother

Hating one's mother is a really serious problem. Because hatred in itself means a lot of strength - also a lot of effort. And a considerable disturbance of the mental balance.

  • Whoever hates his mother usually thinks about it very often. It's like a constant pain or a constant terrible itch. That steals energy. Hatred, like the constant question of what you can do, what you can do, what others might do, robs a lot of your strength.
  • Relationships with parents are also rarely "pure". Guilt and hatred often mix. This not only prevents you from living in peace with your mother, it also usually prevents you from living in peace with yourself. So it is important to find peace with your mother for your own well-being, for yourself, and to transform hatred.

You can do that against hatred

  • First of all, you need to immediately, immediately, set boundaries on it. If your mother insults, hurts, humiliates, or beats you, you must get out of the situation. You can do that.
  • In plain language: move out if you still live with her. There are youth housing communities for young people, as an adult you have to see what you can afford - most of them can still afford a room to sublet or in a shared flat.
  • If you no longer live with your mother, stop hurtful phone calls immediately. Leave your home or evict your mother from your home. If your mother becomes very hurtful and unwilling to stop immediately, this is really for the best.
  • Pay attention to your needs and take responsibility for them to your mother. You don't have to tell your mother everything about it. And your mother neither has to understand everything, nor understand everything. But she must not ridicule your needs or try to get rid of them through discussion.

Remember: you never have to be victimized again. You have it in your hand. It is your life.

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