What is the underscore used for?

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Perhaps you have already wondered why such a strange spelling is used in this and some other blogs when, for example, the readers are addressed. what's the point of this funny underline (_)? better known is the spelling with the capital I, which is also called inside-I. For example, when you write friends, you mean the male friends and the female friends together. But what about people who cannot or do not want to be classified as male or female? they cannot be named so easily by the language. You can also see this in the fact that only "he" or "she" can be selected for the designation of people, apart from "it", which at most stands for babies and children.
maybe you think now, “there are only men and women, why do you have to do such a drama?” but you can also say: because it's only them categories men / boys and women / girls exist, people are divided into these two categories. if, for example, a baby is born that has a sexual part that is too big to be a clitoris but too small to be considered a penis (in these cases one speaks of intersexuality, the term "hermaphrodite" is better known) ), then the doctors and parents decide which gender the child should be. in such cases, operations and hormone treatments are usually used to help ensure that the child meets the requirements of the sex assigned to him. those affected by such treatments often describe it in retrospect as torture.
there are also people who, as young people or adults, notice that they do not feel comfortable in the gender category in which they grew up. You have certainly heard of transsexuals who undergo a gender reassignment / reassignment and thus go from a man to a woman or from a woman to a man. But there are also people who do not feel comfortable in their birth gender, but do not feel like changing their body through an operation. that's what the term transgender is for. Some people do not even want to switch from one permitted sex to the other, but simply want to be who they are, without classifying themselves into either of the two categories. But such a life is not that easy, think about how often you have to tick somewhere whether you are male or female. just going to a public toilet requires choosing a gender.
since the people who classify themselves as neither male nor female are usually not taken into account by the language either, you have to change the language if you want to change this division into only two genders. one suggestion is to use the underscore, which practically indicates a blank space in the language. There is also a text (sometimes written in a somewhat complicated way) that explains in more detail what is meant by this.
if the division into exactly two genders is mixed up a bit, that is not only better for those who do not want to assign themselves to any of the categories man and woman. Even those who still want to be men or women could have greater leeway within their gender category. for example when a boy just wants to wear a skirt, or a girl with a tie. therefore we recommend using the _.