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Who Invented Coca-Cola?


An American doctor and pharmacist.

Swiss premieres: Coca-Cola came to Switzerland 50 years after its invention. The Lausanne car dealer Max Stooss had got to know the sparkling water two years earlier on a business trip in the USA and immediately tried to get a license for Switzerland. From 1936 onwards, up to 25 boxes of 24 bottles of Coca-Cola were produced in Lausanne per day. A second production site soon followed in Zurich.

Name wanted: John Pemberton's accountant Frank M. Robinson suggested a name for the new invention: Coca-Cola and at the same time designed the lettering that is still used today. Few of those in the know know exactly what the recipe is. Pemberton's original recipe is kept in a secret location and is closely guarded. The only thing that is certain is that the legendary drink contains over 90 percent carbonated water as well as sugar, caramel, phosphoric acid and caffeine.

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