How do I shower with my friend

Wet & hot: 8 tips for foreplay in the shower

No more standards under the covers or on the sofa: Why not run hot together in the wet room again so that you can really get down to business? Sex in the shower is sometimes a bit difficult to implement, but the more ingenious is the place for a really extensive foreplay!

And if your loved one would prefer it to be more comfortable and less slippery instead, there are the right attractants and counter arguments so that they can still enjoy the shower pleasure for two. After all, he will hardly be able to say 'no' to a stimulating head massage, waterproof toys and an intense blowjob. Wanna bet?! Here we go! Here come the boozy ideas:

1. Follow your nose!

Yes, male noses are also extremely sensitive. It's best to use a shower gel with a tempting, aphrodisiac scent. How about, for example, a sensual note of musk or the pleasant scent of chocolate?

2. Candlelight

So that he doesn't even get unnoticed thoughts in the first place: Provide dim light in the bathroom by placing tea lights on the shelves and on the sink. The light not only flatters you both, but also ensnares your senses.

3. Soap art

With a pleasant lathering he is quickly convinced, after all, these gentle caresses are the beginning of an erotic massage. Our tip: The good old bar of soap is actually easier to use, because you can indulge it with more precision.

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4. Get to the head

Thanks to our hairdresser, we know it best ourselves: A head massage can be extremely relaxing and give you goose bumps when done correctly. Take some shampoo, rub it in your hands and give him a head massage that he will never forget in his life. Start at the temples, then slide your fingertips, spreading them wide, over and over his scalp. Then slowly work your way over the back of your head to your neck. Hmmm ...

5. Let it bubble

What woman doesn't know what a great playmate the shower head is, from which the water gushes very gently ... Show him how you pamper yourself with the warm jet of water and promise him that he can take care of the rest!

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6. Instead of rubber duck

And if you prefer to use dildo & Co., you can simply get waterproof sex toys that even the harshest jet of water cannot do anything. How about a vibrating penis ring, for example? It could happen, however, that from that moment on he never wants to shower alone again!

7. Squat down

And you already have the best position for an extended, enjoyable blowjob that is twice as fun thanks to the continuous wash cycle. On the one hand because everything is wet and on the other hand because it is completely tasteless when it comes - also in the mouth, why not?

8. Drying cycle

And if he can't wait to whisk you into the bedroom, then insist on a good rub! Let him gently dry you body part by body part and increase his lust by delaying the big moment ...