What is the atomic number of ununquadium?


Flerovium - symbol: Fl - is the name accepted by the IUPAC in May 2012 for the artificial chemical element 114 (systematic name: Ununquadium, Uuq).

The name Flerovium was named in honor of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions chosen - a Russian research facility named after the physicist Georgij N. Flerov (1913-1990), where element 114 was first produced in 1998/1999.

The Flerovium is assigned an atomic mass of 289 - usually derived from the most stable known and proven isotope.

As a super heavy element of the 7th period of the periodic table, Flerovium belongs to the element group of the transactinoids. In detail, it is a p-block or main group element from the carbon group.

So far, very few properties of the Flerovium or its compounds have been measured. This is due to the extremely limited and expensive production, as well as the fact that the Fl atoms decay very quickly. A few properties could be measured directly; Overall, however, the properties of this chemical element remain largely unknown, so that mostly only predictions and theoretical calculations are available.


Overview: General data on the Flerovium



Electron configuration

The electron configuration of the flerovium in the uncharged ground state:

symbolOZshort form1s2s2p3s3p3d4s4p4d4f5s5p5d5f6s6p6d6f7s7p
Fl114[Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p22262610261014261014261022



Isotope table: Flerovium

The first and only isotope that could be synthesized so far has a half-life of 890 microseconds:

isotopeZA.NSurnameNuclide massDecay (radioactive decay)Spin
NuIsotopic massHWZType of decayproportion ofI. (h / 2π)
284Fl114184170Flerovium-2842.5 msSF0+
285Fl114285171Flerovium-285285,18364(47)150 msα to 281Cn100 %(3/2+)
286Fl114286172Flerovium-286286.18424(71)0.16 sSF
α to 282Cn
60 %
40 %
287Fl114287173Flerovium-287287,18678(66)0.51 sα to 283Cn100 %
288Fl114288174Flerovium-288288,18757(91)0.8 sα to 284Cn100 %0+
289Fl114289175Flerovium-289289,19042(60)2.7 sα to 285Cn100 %


Ionization energies

1. IE: 8.539 eV2. IE: 16.8 eV3. IE: eV4. IE: eV5. IE: eV6. IE: eV


Further data


Early atomic calculations on element 114, due to the quasi-closed electron shell configuration and very strong relativistic effects, predicted that Flerovium could be noble gas-like and thus gaseous under normal conditions.

More recent and more complete relativistic calculations studying the superheavy element in different environments suggest that Flerovium is less reactive compared to the lighter homologues in the carbon group and could behave like a volatile metal; some experimental results seem to confirm this [cf. Alexander Yakushev et. al. (2014)].


Chemical data


Material and physical properties of the Flerovium

The following table lists some assumed or calculated physical data and material properties.



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