What does the new Ubers logo mean

Uber's new logo is just the word "Uber" 2021 - tech

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Uber hailed a new logo, and that's very good.

The company unveiled its new branding on Wednesday and returned to the "U." back. The Uber app, and wherever the Uber icon appears (such as on their Twitter page and website), it will display the new logo with a capitalized "U".

Uber Eats is also getting a new look.

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"We're excited to introduce a new, simplified logo for the Uber app that brings the U back, is easy to spot, and is scalable in the 660+ cities we operate in," an Uber spokesperson said in one E-mail statement.

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Uber revealed the process behind the black and white rebranding in an exclusive AdWeek, describing the nine month design phase that culminated in a custom font called Uber Move. AdWeek reports that Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi paid special attention to the spacing between the "U" and lowercase "b" letters, and Uber subtly links the new font with winding roads:

Image: UBER

Khosrowshahi is really hammering home that Uber is a mobility platform, which means it's not just an app to request a car ride, but also to rent scooters, e-bikes, rental cars and more.

Uber brought in its all-caps logo "Bits and Atoms" more than two years ago and put it up with its current logo until the end of 2016:

The new @ Uber app and logo are a big improvement. Pic.twitter.com/Qdz7HJj8UT

- YY. Simpson (@JordanJSim) November 2, 2016

Now the full Uber name returns to the logo, just not in capital letters and with a special font. The app icon on your phone was updated today. However, a full rollout will be completed in the next few months.

In June competitor Lyft redesigned its app, but the logo remains unchanged, with "Lyft" in bold, flowing lowercase letters.