125cc scooters are better than 110


Have you ever wondered how much a 125cc ABS scooter weighs? Even if the scooter with 125ccm displacement is considered a light two-wheeler, one can imagine that the sporty chassis brings a considerable weight on the scales. A lot comes together with the body, engine, tires and accessories. Let it be said that the lightest 125cc scooter does not mean the best 125cc scooter or perhaps the fastest 125cc scooter, because the kilos fulfill an important function. Curious? Here you can find more information about the weight of a 125cc scooter.

Dead weight of the 125 scooter

Regarding the dead weight of a 125cc scooter, there are legal requirements. With the driving license of classes A1 and B196, motorcycles with a maximum displacement of 125ccm, a maximum output of 11kW (15 HP) and a maximum of 0.1 kW / kg dead weight can be driven. This means that a 125ccm scooter with 11kW rated power must weigh at least 110kg. Its own weight ensures that the scooter remains stable and that dynamic, safe driving is possible even at speeds of up to 110 km / h. The scooters with a higher weight tend to be the most stable models and once they have climbed, they are very good on the move. A two-wheeler that is too light, on the other hand, could become unbalanced more easily.

Weight range of 125cc scooters

So how heavy are the various 125ccm scooters in the test, or the models that are available from dealers? The Tweet 125 from Peugeot Motocycles, for example, has an empty weight of 120 kg, the Belville 125 weighs 130 kg, while the Django Retro Scooter 125cc weighs 129 kg. Roughly speaking, the weight range of 125cc scooters is between about 100kg and 150kg.

The payload can be that heavy

When it comes to scooters, it's not just the empty weight that is an important figure that you should find out about before buying. The payload is also important. Because if you want to move around in the storage space as a couple and with luggage, you need to know how many kilos are allowed as payload. On average, the load on the scooter ranges between around 100kg and 250kg. It can be calculated using the information in the vehicle registration document as follows: permissible total weight minus drivable empty weight. The payload is therefore the weight that the driver, passengers, luggage, fuel and operating materials are allowed to bring on the scales.

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