Why are there glowworms on Vancouver Island?

Internet radio : Around the world with radio.garden

Honululu and others - The radio.garden platform offers a collection of broadcasting stations that can be received worldwide via the Internet. There are stations like this in every remote town. The creators of the Dutch university project came up with the idea of ​​collecting and visualizing the transmitters.

You can see our blue planet in a twilight hour - the vastness of the oceans, the shapes of the continents and islands. And spread over it, the broadcasters glow in pretty firefly green. In fact, the earth shows itself - even if large parts are in the dark - as a cultural landscape, a garden of sociality and communication.

Crackling in the end device

With the usual navigation wipers you can rotate the globe in space, zoom in and out. It is as if the little blue flare itself became a radio button that you can use to search for the station. A small ring is used to aim for the glowworms below on the surface of the earth, which after a crackling moment find their way to the end device and send them off. You listen in and fly on.

In this way I come from Yakutsk in Siberia, where synthetic techno pumps at 10:50 p.m., via Tofino on Vancouver Island, where they seem to love hard rock at 6:52 a.m. After a detour to Radio Ciudad del Mar in Cuba, where news is announced at 8:56 a.m. (it's about Corona), I land in Hawaii (where an American heroic voice gives weather data at 4:01 a.m.).

Here I get stuck, listening to the voice that apparently reaches my ear directly from the bridge of a research ship in heavy weather, repeatedly sinking into the short-wave spray and being lifted by the crests of the waves to the crater edges of the dead spots. Hello hero, I hear you. We are not alone. I zoom out and find myself in my home office shortly after four in the afternoon.