Why did you take an IQ test

And so it is assumed that you could easily increase your IQ from 90 to 115 or even more points through training alone. However, the result of the IQ test cannot be increased to any desired height even through targeted training. Here the hereditary factors then form the natural upper limits.

What effects do genetic makeup have on the IQ test?

Genetic predisposition has a certain share in a person's intelligence. However, the available scientific data are not as clear-cut in this regard as some researchers would like them to be.

The inherited share of intelligence that is measured in the IQ test is between 40 and 85 percent, depending on the study - a very wide range, as genes only have the appropriate influence on intelligence development if the person from the respective environment also has a suitable one Way is influenced and promoted.

Because when it comes to intelligence, a person can have the best genetic makeup. They could not develop optimally if this person did not get the chance to go to school or perhaps grow up in a troubled family where drug use and violence are the order of the day. But even in an unsubsidized person, his intelligence is evident, namely in how he copes with everyday life and how he survives despite all adversities. But then he would not do very well in the IQ test - even though he is very intelligent.

High IQ test results: Not necessarily desirable for executives

The IQ test can therefore only be completed by those people with good results who are fully integrated in the modern work and learning system and also have the appropriate social background. Free spirits, on the other hand, who can look beyond the horizon of a society that is purely oriented towards economic success, who do not want to be squeezed into the grid that can be measured by the IQ test and who also do not feel comfortable in the usual schools, can be highly talented, but still only average or even achieve below average IQ test results.

Having a high IQ is also not ideal for every professional goal. Because people with a very high IQ are - as we now know - often not suitable for management positions. It is not uncommon for them to lack what is called emotional intelligence. They cannot always empathize with other people, they lack the team spirit, the social streak and often the ability for self-reflection.

The tailor-made IQ test

In the meantime, companies or universities can have special IQ test providers create very individual IQ tests tailored to them, which are supposed to find exactly the right employees or students. Universities that train medical professionals, for example, choose an IQ test that assesses the ability to study. Companies choose an IQ test that has been adjusted and trimmed for the individual occupational fields. The test focuses on the desired job profile or the desired subject. These query options were developed with teams of scientists in order to offer customers the right packages for their needs. Of course, whether a company can afford a specific IQ test is always a question of cost.

In Germany, around 30 percent of all companies use IQ tests for the recruitment process. One can only hope that other values ​​will also count as part of the application process and not just the test result.

After all, you don't want machines as employees that produce great test results, but smart and empathetic people. But the one who generates brilliant results in the IQ test is not smart. Smart is someone who combines understanding, intuition, creative thinking, creative elements, social skills, critical thinking, empathy and compassion. But all of this can only be measured to a very limited extent - if at all - with the IQ test.


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